Meet This Girl Whose Longest Hair Made It To Guinness World Records

Can you imagine someone getting a Guinness World Records title just by not cutting hair? Sounds weird or geeky? Well, meet this girl who is in her teenage, made it to the world’s greatest record book list. Surprising to note that the sixteen years old Nilanshi Patel made it to the list for her long hair. Read this on WheeBuzz

Nilanshi Patel is an Gujrat based Indian girl. She had not cut her hair in previous ten years. Now, you must be wondering if you could had made this record, isn’t it? Well, everything happens after some bad thing happen. Same is the case here. That exactly happened in the Nilanshi Patel’s case. She had an embarrassing haircut about ten years back, and she sort of decide not to have haircut again. That is when young Nilanshi started growing her hairs and today it got her in to one of the World’s precious record book.

In a video by GWR, she recalls the time when she had that haircut at the age of 6. She said “I got a bad haircut, and it was really bad for me”. She recalls the incident crying, but that was the moment, according to her, she decided she would not have haircut ever again. After ten years she has shinning black and thick hair measuring to beautiful 67 inches long.

Her hair secret

Since a lot of people are struggling with hair problem, Nilanshi’s hair routine would be pretty helpful. She said she washes hair once in a week. You must be wondering how much time it takes to dry her hair, but only half an hour, she had said. It is not always easy to manage hair though, usually combing was a hour long practice. She went on cherishing her mother’s role in the same and also her support for hair grow, saying “My mother helps me to braid and to comb”.

Earlier record holder

So, before this, the record was set by a Chinese girl who was just thirteen years old at the time of the record. Xie Qiuping, from China made it to the list of Guinness World Records in the year 2004 whose hair measured longer than 18 foot. Now, after almost fourteen years of that record, an Indian girl Nilanshi broke all the records regarding that genre surpassing the Chinese record maker Xie Qiuping.

Nilanshi’s life these days

It is obvious that, anybody’s life will be changed after getting in Guinness World Records. More than excitement, it is a matter of pride and honour, not just for the individual or family, but for the whole nation. In a much similar way, Nilanshi’s life has been entirely different ever since the announcement of her name in the Greatest World Records book was made. Now, among her friends and others, she is known as the “Real life Rapunzel” on the fictional character with notorious long hair. Beside this, she has been getting questions from people. The questions include queries about her hairs management. To them, she has replied that “I do not face any problems with my hair. I do all the things and sports with my hair.” She believes that her hair is a lucky charm for her. She seems to be in love with her hair, isn’t it? Well, probably this is why we have new record breaker around us.

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