Meet 6-year-old Jiang Who Becomes Most Popular Hairdresser in China

With the ending of January, something big and adorable came out from China. Yes we have something to blow your mind in literal sense. Meet this boy who is just 6-years-old, but he is in news for something unrealistic. Yes, the guy becomes the hottest hairdresser in the whole China, putting him in the centre of attraction not just in China but in the whole World. To put simply, This boy has been a trending thing inside whole China. He is one of the most popular Children in the world as well. The boy has earned more than million followers on social media through his hairdressing skills. Read all about him only on WheeBuzz

So, the boy’s name is Jiang Hongqi. He has recently turned 6, but his skills is well known, with thousands of clients having happy experience. As per Sina News report, Jiang Hongqi has been helping out at his parent’s saloon since he was just four years old. Yes, that is even more astonishing. And ever since then he has been on the edge of becoming master of the art.

In beginning adult clients used to help or assist Jiang Hongqi but as time passed he sort of became master of the craft. His parents kept putting his photos and videos of his craft on social media. Within two years he mastered art and become an efficient hairdresser having his own clients, forget parents.

His father and mother have been in this business for six years but they must have not thought about their kid being the champion of the skill, becoming the hottest hairdresser in all over China. Be it his adorableness, or skills or the increased love and popularity, Jiang Hongqi has got some around 1.5 million followers on social media.

On top of everything he can dress his own hair. Rare talent, isn’t it? That is one of the speciality of the boy. Nobody would have thought that a six years old guy would touch these heights of popularity and fame. Also, who can forget the mastery he has been achieving day by day?

Today a number of news channels are writing about him. Expecting professional haircut from a kid is total out of the box. From his photos to videos, all have been circulated about him lately, making him one of the most popular kids of the continent at the time. Jiang Hongqi’s skills rendered everyone speechless.



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