Man Buries 42 School Buses and Builds North America’s Largest Private Doomsday Bunker

For the last 37 years, Bruce Beach a survivalist has been spending his time constructing one of the largest private nuclear bunkers in North America. The bunker named ‘Ark Two’ is presently North America’s largest nuclear bunker. It is built underground near Horning’s Mills village, in Canada.

WheeBuzz brings you the man who built America’s largest bunker with 42 school buses

The school bus bunker can hold 500 people

The bunker has the capacity to hold approximately 500 people, as it covers 10,000 square feet. It has been built using 42 school buses reinforced with concrete being poured over them. Beach claims that other than a direct nuclear strike nothing else can penetrate this defensive structure.

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While some view Beach as an eccentric human being, there is no doubt that his shelter reflects the international concerns regarding the rising nuclear tensions between America and North Korea.

The Shelter’s Construction Photos

The Bunker was built using 42 school buses as the permanent base forms that were covered in concrete and an additional 5-14 feet of earth.

The pictures represent the way the bunker was constructed. In 1980, Beach began the bunker’s construction by putting 4 buses in place. However, it was in 1985 that he buried the remainder of the 42 buses.

The Shelter’s Interior According to an Artist’s Concept

An artist has presented a drawing that portrays the best overall view of this magnificent shelter, as it is so large that no one can possibly view it in a glance or two. In fact, if anyone has to even view this picture on their browser, they most probably will have to enlarge the picture so that they can clearly see the details.

The Shelter’s Interior Map

The Shelter comprises of maps placed everywhere for people to successfully guide themselves within the shelter. The map shown is a copy of the ones placed within the shelter, and will require to be enlarged on browser to get a clear understanding of the details.

The Shelter’s Interior Photos

The Shelter has at least a dozen different rooms. The images portray the various rooms of the shelter and give you a vivid sense of what the rooms are meant for.

The Well’s Miracle

Miracles are often controversial topics, as you need people to bear witness to such a happening or event that has no logical explanation. But the miracle of this shelter is that it features a never-before seen structure, that is an inside well, that could be considered nearly impossible to construct, especially underground.

The Refuge Center’s Exterior Photos

The Exterior of this brilliant structure has an equally appealing feature. The awesomeness of the entire facility can be better understood once you are able to comprehend both it’s inner as well as the outer features.

How to Locate the Bunker

The locals of the area are all well aware of the bunker’s location and for those who don’t; it is located near Horning’s Mills Village. Horning’s Mills is relatively small and the bunker is by the end of a cul-de sac, which is surrounded by a high fence and a cliff. The bunker has strong fortifications too.

The Projects History

The shelter being named ‘Ark Two’ was mainly due to the fact that in a picture of Bruce standing by it resembled in a sense the Biblical figure of Noah and his Ark. Nevertheless, Bruce claims that he is no prophet and has received no such revelations that incited him to construct the shelter. He simply states that constructing it has been a significant adventure and accomplishment which he is tremendously proud of.

Built to withstand nuclear war

The shelter, according to Beach, was built to withstand the unlikely event of a nuclear war. With this in mind he began this project by purchasing school buses for 300$ each, since the sturdy steel roofs of these buses were ideal for a defensive shelter. He started its construction beneath his wife’s family property.

The Features of the Shelter

Its large size of 10,000 square feet enables it to have washrooms with running water, sex-segregated bunks along with cubicles, two industrial kitchens, classrooms for children, and even a dental room. In a sense, it displays the comforts of a home along with the amenities of other basic institutions. In addition, it contains a decontamination room to prevent radiation and disease.

The shelter is self-sustaining and if needed in a hypothetical nuclear event can sustain itself for several months. The plumbing is thorough featuring a private underground well. There are diesel generators with sufficient fuel for 3 months and a radio communication center.

A one of a kind.

The private bunker is truly one of a kind and as beach says, it is open to all people in the face of nuclear catastrophe, irrespective of their race, nationality, faith or political outlooks. It’s only prerequisite is that everyone needs to lend a helping hand within the shelter.

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