The most loved and famous pets in the world, Their cuteness will make you go Aww

Pets are the greatest gift of nature to the mankind. Having a pet in your home not only adds up a sweet family member but also makes your feel closer to animals love. We all know that the love of pets is unconditional, probably this is why we can connect to them more. Following are the most loved and popular pets around the world.


Deemed as a man’s best friend as well as the most loyal animal on the planet, dogs are the most loved pets in the World. Dogs as pets make a bond of affection to man. Licking their owners is the prime and most adorable way of dogs to show love and affection. United States, China, Russia and Japan are among the most Dog lovable counties.


Cats come second in the list but are equally adorable as dogs. They are sweet and lovable. In most cases Cats are very loyal and affectionate to their owners. United States, Russian and Brazil are most Cats loving countries in the World. Though, Cat family is renowned for infamous giants but cats are deemed sweet and pet worthy.


Ah! What a pet. How can a cute, fluffy and lovable animal bouncing from places to places, mesmerising your eyes, can not be here in the list of most loved and popular pets. Rabbits, especially Bunny rabbit is a cute species, and if treated well, can be the most affectionate pet. You can play and do whatever you want to do with Rabbits as they are considered very innocent.


Do you have aquarium in your home, beautifying your guestroom or cherishing your house’s beauty? Well fishes are one of the most common pets we have seen. Fishes, especially freshwater fishes are a popular pet, and quite a loving creatures. You can see them in an aquarium, moving from here and there and enjoy.

Guinea pigs

Guinea pigs are considered as one of the most charming pets in the world. They made it to the list of their cuteness and familiarity. Guinea pigs small furry ones and are easy to care of. They are special and natural prey rodents. Like most other pets, Guinea pigs too are so loyal and affectionate to their owners.


Birds are one of the most common pets in the world, especially in countries such as Brazil, Australia, United States and Italy. Birds have been caged for beauty for more than 3500 years. Today it is symbol of peace, beauty and kindness. Even in the birds category itself, the most loved and common are cockatoo and parrot.


Hamsters are sometimes called as pocket pets because of their size. They are cute really friendly to be pets. Hamsters have a life span of about 2-3 years. You will always love the kind of pet who is furry and adorable. Hamsters do not like to cuddle, but they are more than fun to watch.

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