Love to sleep? Well, then these points can stop you from loving your sleep!

Sleep is something that everyone needs, no matter it’s a human or animal, bird or an insect.  But do you know there are various things happen with your body when you are in your deep sleep? According to the experts, most of the population is suffering from some kind of sleeping disorders, one of the most common and famous disorder is Insomnia, where a person can’t sleep no matter how hard he or she tries. Well, apart from this there is a list of stuff from which your body goes through while you are in sleep. Here are the top mysterious and strange sleeping disorders that you should know!

1.    Sleep paralysis

One of the scariest things that happen normally with everyone once in their life. During a sleep, your body goes through with two stages called as  Non-rapid eye moment and rapid eye movement where your body stop acting physically that stage known as paralysis mode and let your brain work more that cause dreams, well at some cases people wake up during their REM period. At that moment, their body is on paralyze mode however they can see everything even their dream with open eyes!  There are several cases reported where people share their experience, according to them they felt the strange thing like the presence of someone in the room or sometimes on them. well, that’s scary thing to know!

2.    Night terrors


There is little variation here, night terrors depend on few kinds of stuff. It’s mostly like a nightmare but on another level, where a person can do violent action involving terrorful dream. Most of the people don’t even remember their nightmares, however, there are symptoms like a heavy breath; urge to run somewhere, or feeling aggressive after you woke up.

3.    REM


As you already know, REM is a stage where your body stops doing any physical activity while you are dreaming, REM disorder is a problem when your body does not get paralysis and let you act when you are dreaming.  It can be violent like kicking, shouting, cursing or even harming others or even you, the odd thing is you will remember your dream even after you wake up without having a little memory of your act.

4.    Sexsomnia

Well most you may be heard about sleep walking where people get up and walk around during their sleep, but do you think a person can do sex in the middle of their sleep? Well, sexsomnia is a syndrome where several sexual things happen like masturbation, wild and aggressive sex or even rape, and the scary thing is, the person will barely remember anything about the act.

5.    Exploding head syndrome


The state where a person starts hearing loud noises like bomb attacks, shouts, cymbals crashing, the door shutting down loudly etc. according to experts,  it’s a stage of auditory hallucination, sometimes it also brings visual hallucination that causes a person to see flash lights or too much brightness. Having too much EHS attacks, also develop a fear of sleeping that later on cause insomnia type syndromes.

6. Bruxism

Did your sleeping partner complain that they heard you grinding your teeth in the middle of the night? Well, then you are suffering from bruxism. It’s an act that mostly happens when you are in deep stress, and it can be harmful to your teeth as well as your jaw.

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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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