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Here is the list of worlds’ tinniest and cutest TeaCup size dogs! You are definitely going to fall for them!!

Dogs are cute. Teacup size dogs are super cute. That’s why Most of the celebrities are having these dogs, for example, you can see Milla Jovovich and her poodle. Well, those who don’t know what are teacup dogs they are cutest and adorable breed that you can find in Dog’s breed. They are basically a lap dog whose size is not more than 17 inches, same as your teacup size! The weight of such breeds is almost 4ibs, which makes these dogs easy to carry anywhere with you.

One of the largest population of this earth prefer to have dogs, the reason is quite simple as dogs are easy to maintain and they are more friendly as compare to other pets. However, there is lots of confusion when it comes to buying ‘teacup’ size puppies. Well, not anymore! Here we are listing world’s most adorable tinniest dogs that you can buy as your pet.

#1 Chihuahua

Chihuahua is one of the most tiniest breeds in teacups, there are two kinds of Chihuahua that you can get. First one is short haired and with a smooth coat, which is easy to handle and to groom. The second one is hairy and they require trimming a lot. Such dog’s behavior depends on you and how you train them. so be careful when you buy a Chihuahua, they are cute but they require proper training as well. they are basically from Mexico, and they live for  10 to 18 years.

#2 Yorkies

Well, Yorkies are the most overprotective with an uptight nature breed in teacup dog family. They are strong when it comes to emotionally and mentally stable. Their origin is Yorkshire and Northern England, and the best thing about these dogs is they are a perfect choice for those families who have older children. Yorkies are curious, attention seekers and active breeds. They bark a lot and if you give less attention to them then be ready for ‘bark world war’!


This cute little breed is originally from central Mediterranean. They look super cute with their brown eyes and button nose. These small dogs are loved to play and they are always in energetic mode.  If you have small apartment or yard then you should try this breed as they are very adaptable. What is the cutest thing about Maltese dogs, they are very found with their owners and can’t tolerate separation for a long time. But what is the bad side of this fondness is, you can’t leave your dog with anyone for too long as there are chances of getting your dog suffers from separation anxiety.

#4 Pomeranian

One of the most popular dog breed in the US and also Britain Queen Victoria’s pet,  these dogs are compact in size and they look super fluffy because of their fur.  You can buy your Pomeranian in various colors, however black and white is most common color that you can find but you can also go with brown, red, orange etc fur coat colors.  These dogs are friendly but aggressive by nature. However, they are attention lover and you can’t just ignore these fluffy cute dogs either!

#5 Poodles

Poodles are one of the most famous dog breeds among celebrities. These German little dogs are sociable and they are always full of charge. Not just that, poodles are extremely intelligent and like to play sports with their owner. Best of this breed, Poodles are good as well as safe for children. So buy your dog now and enjoy the cutest bond that you can ever get!



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