List of top Most ‘off limits’ places where you never ever going to visit, No matter what!

There are so many things on earth which are still unknown to people, not just because they are harmful or dangerous but because such places hide something that is not for people. Travelling is one of the best things, and everyone should do but do you know there are lots of spots who are ‘off limits’ when it comes to visiting.  Very little people know what happens inside these places; maybe that’s why there are so many weird and interesting stories that are made by people. Such things not just make these spots interesting but also hold a charm over people, which makes them curious to know more and more.

Here are the places where you can’t visit, that means it makes these places ‘off limits’ 

#1 The Queen’s Bedroom

Well, the first place which is forbidden to visit for anyone, like for everyone! However in 1982 someone successfully entered the room and his name was Michael Fagon.  The story behind this was quite interesting as Michael spend 10 minutes inside the bedroom which was guarded by guards. He was drunk and also asking for a kiss to Queen Elizabeth II who was alone. However, he didn’t get anything in return instead of that he spent 2 years in jail. This incident turned queen’s bedroom one of the off-limits places to visit.

#2 Coca Cola’s vault

Coca-cola is very protective and secretive when it comes to its formula. Nobody knows where the formulas are kept, not just that the vault of coca cola is highly protected and forbidden to visit, only handful people can visit inside and it’s obvious we are not one of them!

#3 Secret vault of Mormon Church

The church where you can get each and every detail about families who lived in the US, it contains almost 3 billion pages on Genealogy about American families. However, this place is sealed and no one can enter inside which makes this church forbidden.

#4 North Sentinel Island

It’s hard to believe that nobody knows about this island. Not just that everything about this island is unknown. The island is completely isolated from the world and they don’t want any intruder either. Nobody knows how many people are living there or which language they speak.  For intruders they know only one thing: kill them. That’s why Indian government announced this place as ‘banned island to visit’.

#5 Area 51

In the middle of Nevada desert, US has its secret deep place which is known as Area 51. This place is fenced and protected by a boom gate with signs for trespassing which looks extremely normal. However, there are many people who get confused and enter inside without knowing that thousands of cameras are watching them.  Area 51 is one of the forbidden places where nobody can enter.  Not just that,  some people believe that Area 51  area is used for experimenting aircrafts or there are technologies set for aliens. But what is real? Nobody knows!



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