Here is the list of top dead gorgeous ladies who is also a most dangerous gangster!

Well, there was the time when people have always thought that gangsters are pure evil looking people. In our mind when we think about gangster we imagine someone who has the ugly face, lots of marks and a dead evil expression but in reality, there are lots of examples that will change your mindset forever.

You may be heard that now ladies are same as the man, they are not weak or helpless like before. Nowadays, Girls are making their space in every sector even in Gangster sector too! There are some mind-blowing ladies who are not just dangerous but know all techniques to hide and kill. Here we are listing a gorgeous ladies who are not only known for their beauty but they also lead a powerful pack of crime.

#1 Claudia Ochoa Felix

The Lady who was also known as “The Kim Kardashian of Organised Crime”, Claudia was reported as a new leader of Los Antrax who is a Mexican gang who is commonly famous for gruesome murders.  It known as one of the most powerful trafficking organization who was under Jose Rodrigo Arechiga, he was also a boyfriend of Claudia but after getting arrested, the lady holds the power in her hands.

#2 Sandra Ávila Beltrán

One of the interesting stories that no one knows what Sandra really does? According to her she is a housewife and earns money by selling clothes. however, there are various charges on her. Sandra married twice and her ex-husbands were police officers who were also a part of trafficking, however, they both get murdered by the hitman.  She also known as The Queen of the Pacific, and she was a leader of a drug cartel belong to Mexican group.

#3 Jaynie Mae Baker

Jaynie who was arrested on charges of being an accomplice of Anna Gristina in her dating company. Both ladies were arrested for trading women to wealthy people under the name of dating site.Talking about Anna, she was convicted as the leader in the year 2012, where officers stated that she is running a high sex trades. However, she got caught by two officers who were playing a role of undercover and pretend to be customers.   Anna is not like dangerous as other women in the list but she had information about people which can ruin their life.

#4 Anna Chapman

Anna is known as “femme fatale” who uses her gorgeous body and face to get information and to influence people. The lady arrested in the year 2010  for being sleeper agent who is sent by Russia to get information related National Intelligence of US. She is not just popular but she also holds a celebrity status in the world. Not just that, she even posed for Maxim Magazine in their Russian special editions. No one can imagine that this beautiful face can hide such a dangerous lady!

#5 Stephanie Beaudoin

Well, Stephanie is not counted when we talk about gangsters but she still one of the hottest burglar who broke almost 40 homes. She had more than 100 charges against her name, however, in daily mail reports Stephanie announced as “newest world’s sexiest criminal.”



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