List of 6 most bizarre Guinness world record that ever made in human history!!!

Each person has an ability to do something different, however, some of us find out those abilities but some of us still finding out. You may have heard about Gunnies world record, it’s one of the best options if you have the ability to do something that nobody else can do. It can be anything, it can be jaw-dropping or hilarious, it can be weird or completely insane. There are millions of people trying to set their records so they can put their name in Gunnies world records, but there are some people who did weird things for that.

#1 Swallowed largest Metal sword


Can you swallow a 58 centimeters metal sword? Of course No! it’s not only risky but also completely insane to do. Apart from this, it requires lots of training and dedication to do such things. However, Natasha Veruschka set this record on 28 February 2009. This say is also known as Sword Swallowers Awareness Day.

#2 Body with most Modifications


There are lots of people of prefer piercing, getting cool tattoos and another kind of body modification. However, Maria Jose Cristerna set a record of 49 times of getting body modification. She has huge tattoos covering her arms, chest, face etc. she also did a different kind of transdermal implants. Not just that she has piercing on multiple parts of the body.


#3 Longest Tightrope walks in a High Heel

You usually heard girls saying that It’s really hard to walk in heels, but do you know Oxana Seroshtan set a record to walk in high heels on 15 meters tightrope? She completed 24 ft and 7.2-inch tightrope, walking twice without using or balancing anything.



#4 largest numbers of cosmetic procedures


We all are familiar with the concept of Cosmetic Procedures and how much it can cost. There are so many people mostly celebrities and models that did cosmetic procedures to look more beautiful and attractive. But Cindy Jackson breaks a record, she spent US$99,600 money on her 47 cosmetic procedures.  She is doing this since 1988, not just that there is no one who can break her record, at least not till now.


#5 Fastest typing speed with Nose

These days, anyone can type with using their fingers, but Vinod Kumar Chaudhary did something else. He set a record of fastest typing speed without using hands, he used his nose for that. The Gunnies world record challenged Vinod to type prescribe 103 characters in shortest time. He performed this task in 46.30 seconds. However, he also said that for doing this requires lots of practice and dedications. It’s not that easy as it looks!

#6 Stuffed straws in the mouth without using hands


Here we are not talking about any potato chips or Pizza, we are talking about Simon Elmore who stuffed as well as held 400 straws in his mouth within 10 seconds. Maybe it sounds easy to do but seriously it takes lots of guts to stuff so many straws in your mouth.




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