List of 6 Counties Dangerous for Travelers With High Murder Rates

Yes, because some countries on this planet are among the highest murder rate places, and anybody would fear to go there, for sure. Today we have come up with 6 countries with the highest murder rates in the World, making them less worthy of travelling. Homicides and criminality makes a place violent enough to not attract visitors. Some of the figures may shock you, but hold on, they are true. Read about the highest murder rates countries only on WheeBuzz

6. Lesotho

Lesotho is a country in the African continent, sharing border with Swaziland. Lesotho is one country where there is huge criminality and high murder rates, which can be partly because of the poverty in the country.

The neighbour country Swaziland is also a high rate homicide country. Some argue that colonialism is the reason behind poverty and criminality in African and other states. According or a report, around half of the population of Lesotho lives below poverty line.

5. Jamaica

With the murder rate of 47.01, Jamaica is one of the most unstable and high murder rate counties in the World. It was once one of the countries in the world with highest number of homicides as well. UN office on drugs and crime mentions it as well as confirms the high rate brutality in the state. Even the capital city, Kingston is not untouched with murders and criminality.

4. Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands gives an image of a very relaxing picnic and travel spot, but it is actually one of the countries with really high murder rates. Belonging to the United States, virgin Islands is a big cruises and tourism spot. Murder rates here makes it one of the most violent places. But the even more sad part is, that Virgin Islands murder rates had only increased. It has current murder rate of 49.26.

3. Venezuela

Imagine the condition and situation of the place and the people where murder rate is one of the highest with 56.33, violent enough to makes anybody feel fearful to visit.

Venezuela is also known for oil exportation, but that does not stay away the country from homicide. Talking about nature, Venezuela is a beautiful country having some of the most adorable scenic places but homicide figure storms the heart inside.

2. Honduras

Honduras is just around Venezuela in homicides. Honduras was the country with highest murder rates, but it has managed to decrease but it is not enough, as Honduras could only maintain to become second most murder rates country.

Honduras is a major spot for tourism and travel, but figures like these affect the tourism of the state.

1. El Salvador

El Salvador is the most violent country in the World with the highest murder rate of 82.84, making it a really dangerous country. The major reason behind the criminality and high rate of homicide is the long and destructive civil war of El Salvador from 1979 to 1992. Huge rate of gang rated crimes and other such factors makes the country very unstable to be lived in and also to travel.Source- List25


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