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List of 8 Super Creepy characters in Horror movies which looks really great in their real life!!

Horror movies are really one of those genres which people actually love to watch. The whole point of watching the horror movie is to feel those feelings which don’t let you sleep in the night and keep your mind busy around imaging horror scenarios in dark night.

One of the most important things is the evil villains that not only act horrifying but their appearance looks creepy as well as terrifying for the viewers. Such characters were designed to look ugly and creepy. Without such appearance, you cant feel that real feeling of watching horror movies in your veins. But did you ever think that those characters are just fictions and the roles are played by normal people who just look like you? Well, here we are listing the worst looking evil villains with their real looks!!

#1 Bonnie Aarons: Valak in the Conjuring 2

Well, Hands down there is no one who can be more creepy as Nun in The Conjuring. Well, the movie was the biggest hit in horror movies and people loved it! the actor who played the role of Nun was Bonnie Aarons. She mostly was seen in movies like Princess Diaries where she played small roles.

#2 Takako Fuji: Kayako in The Grudge

Another movie that was too creepy to believe especially the main villain Kayako. Her appearance was totally terrifying and its really hard to forget that face. But in reality, the actress who played Kayako is extremely beautiful. Her name is Takako Fuji and her role was highly appreciated by the critics

#3 Robert Englund: Freddy in A Nightmare on Elm Street

Well, there is no second thought that Robert Englund is the strongest villain that is played till now. He portrayed a role of serial killer who kills people in their dreams. Well, not just his unique method of killing but his appearance also remained the creepiest one.

#4 Bill Skarsgard: Pennywise in It

Recently released, the movie ‘it’ successfully recreated the old aura of Pennywise that was once played by Tim Curry. Well, the actor who played the role of terrifying Clown is actually a very handsome guy. And you can also count him as one of the hottest evil villains in Horror movies!

#5 Daveigh Chase: Samara in The Ring

The ring is counted as one of the best horror movies, where a little girl Samara kill her victims in brutal ways. The child who played Samara on screen, her name is Daveigh and she was 11 when she received best villain award for her outstanding role in the movie.

#6 Bolaji Badejo: Alien in Alien

In the year 1975, when the technology was not that advance and the use of CGI was minimum. Bolaji played a role of Alien which was surprisingly the best performance of his life. The thing that worked for him is his body, according to the director no one can perform so natural as Bolaji did in the movie Alien.

#7 Dane Farwell: Ghostface in Scream

One of the highest grossed films, Scream was the perfect slasher movie with the hint of humor. Behind the mask of Ghostface, there were lots of stuntmen who performed the role, but only one man Dane Farwell turned the character alive for the viewers.

#8 Tom Fitzpatrick: Bride in Black in Insidious: Chapter 2

Well, it’s really hard to guess that the role of Bride in black is performed by which actor? but the role is actually played by a theater artist Tom Fitzpatrick who not only did justice to the role but make it too creepy to believe!


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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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