Lindsay Lohan Has a New Boyfriend And He Is Called The Korean Hulk

Hey all you Lindsay Lohan fans out there, did you know that Lindsay has a new boyfriend. He is none other than the Korea hulk and a Billionaire too. He is from Seoul and his name is Je Yong Ha. He is a champion bodybuilder, filthy rich and lives in three cities.

He Was Called the Fat Kid hulk

He was called the fat kid at one time but now he is a hulk. The man referred to as the Korean hulk has been seen in Lindsay Lohans Company a lot and though they want everyone to believe they are just friends, their fans want to think otherwise.

This is how tall he is hulk×tamp=1512596393

The Korean Hulk stands just 5 feet four inches tall. That’s 1 inch less than Lohan. Masybe he needs to stand on tiptoe when they kiss.

He loves to flash his arms hulk

And he also wears expensive wristwatches that cost thousands of dollars.

He is a competitive bodybuilder hulk

He is called the Korean hulk and also takes part in international bodybuilding championships. At a recent competition, he won the deadlift (340 kg), bench press (270 kg), and squat (320 kg). He has broken national records and wants to break the world record.

He lives in three cities hulk

He lives in Seoul, Dubai and Moscow. Now perhaps he will soon start living in the US, you never know.

He owns a private jet hulk

Yes he is filthy rich and owns his own jet. Maybe that’s what Lindsay Lohan has latched on to the Korean Hulk simply because he is loaded and she hasn’t exactly got any movies for a long time.

They met in Greece hulk

Yes the Korean Hulk and Lindsay Lohan met in Mykonos Greece. After all, he too is quite a socialite and even has his own Instagram page which he updates regularly. The couple plan to spend Christmas and New Year together.

They only call themselves friends hulk

This isn’t what many tabloids are saying because the couple has been frequently spotted together. Both of them deny it but fans and the paparazzi know better. She is his new arm candy or is he hers??

He loves his exotic dogs hulk

This is him with his Tibetan mastiff. Seems he loves dogs or that maybe someone else’s which he borrowed for the photograph.

Chilling out hulk

Je Yong Ha loves the limelight and social media of course. He is seen here chilling out at his favorite stay in the US. The presidential suite at the Ritz Carlton.

His SUV hulk

He is a billionaire and that of course means he is filthy rich. Thus he alwys buys all the play toys every billionaire would want.

What he likes to eat hulk

Just about everything, pizza, caviar, oysters, truffles, sea urchins hamburgers, noodles, pizza, foi gras, garlic and ginseng. He feels that all such foods are healthy and he needs more of it.

The lovebirds together hulk

Here is a shot of both of them together. You can notice almost every photo he wears dark glasses. Maybe he was star struck with Lohan.

He wears heels hulk

Maybe it is to get in touch within his effeminate side

He will soon be visited by Peta hulk

Because of his pelts and the one he is wearing means he gives a shit about animal protection


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Written by Andrew Alpin

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