Ladies! All set for New year? Here are 11 items that you must have in your wardrobe!

Recently we all celebrated New year, and also we promised to do better and feel better in this year. But what about your wardrobe ladies? Being a woman is a tough job, you need to maintain yourself every day, also you need to look beautiful every day. Not just for the people but for your own self too. But, there are lots of expensive things in the market and wasting your hard earn money on your closet is obviously not in your New year’s To –d0 list. So, don’t worry, here we are presenting 11 must-have items that will not just improve your styling sense but also make you beautiful without spending too much money on your wardrobe.

#1 White T-shirt

The white T-shirt is a blessing, you will never know when a simple T-shirt can save you from the worst day. You can wear White T-shirt anywhere and anytime. It can be perfect for any Night out, normal days or even for dates.

#2 Black blazer

Same like a white T-shirt, Black blazer suits with anything and for any occasions. You can wear your black blazer with anything, no matter it’s a pencil skirt or cocktail dress.

#3 Denim Jeans

You are living in the cave if you have no idea about Denim Jeans and the magic behind it. But always look for fitting jeans as it will look great with any cloth you choose.

#4 Former Trousers

Investing in trousers are one of the great things you ever did, the former trousers are refect if you are going to the meeting or somewhere you need to look like strong business women.

#5 LBD dress

For parties or for night outs or for a date, LBD dress is perfect for such occasions. You will definitely look hot but make sure you choose your style and what suits you.


#6 A scarf

There are lots of women who have zero ideas about how a scarf can simply change your whole look in one second! It’s the best thing that you can have if your budget is not that high and you don’t support the idea of buying new dresses for every occasion.

#7 Summer Dress

It’s important to be ready for all seasons,  that’s why it’s crucial to have summer dress in your closet.

#8 Ballet Flat

Ballet flat goes with every occasion and dress. Also, it’s comfortable to wear!

# 9 A  statement heel

Talking about perfect wardrobe and not including the statement heel is like crime.  You can go with whatever color you like but it will be good to buy Black as it suits your every kind of outfit.

#10 Sneakers

Well, comfortable yet stylish! Sneakers are one of the most trending things that you can wear with everything, even with skirts!

#11 White Formal shirt

Wearing white shirt is all about creativity, also it suits with every kind of mood. You can wear it with Denim or long skirts or even with your shorts.


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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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