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This world is full of surprising facts. Eyes will be tired but there is no end to surprising and beautiful places. All beautiful and amazing places have own story and reason why they are so famous and liked by people from a long time, there are some beautiful and amazing places and facts in front of which even the decorative colors in physical life seem to be faded.

This earth is made by good and it is most beautiful, grandly, fateful art of good and he have filled it with the numerous of beautiful things and amazement and the “Ka Firushi Bird market” is one of the best and most wanted places in all amazements of good.

This is very famous and popular bird market of Kabul city in Afghanistan and this market is being active and opened as well as swarm of bees creates honey on the tree. If you will here once then yours once visit for here will instantly grant you ultimate travel cache for life “Ka firushi bird market is truly scenic and scrumptious destination for travelers.  There are many travelers says that its amazements and beauties cannot define in words.

This market of bird is so famous for its birds. The Afghanistan’s people believe that these birds are the main reason and cause of happiness and peace at their home and brings. This bird’s market is the support of the livelihood of thousands of people, Kush to fulfill his hobby, and some to feed their children. In this market, you can find the bird in different color and sizes, that keeps their own beauties and affections by that they look pretty.

Getting enter in the Kabul bird market means that you are going in many years past, when the electricity and mobility was not available, after entering in this  market will feel that, that is one place which is on the earth but not in world. That is also call as the “Alley of the Straw sellers”.

This Ka Firushi bird market is situated behind the “Pul – e – Khisti mosque, lined with stalls and booths selling bird by dozen along with the occasional Rabbit. The king of the all birds in this market known as the Kowk (fighting partridge), these are very precious by their owner and who keep great love and care for them as feel the their child. The owners keep them in the domed wicker cage and in morning they fight to each other, it is kind of art in their life.

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