Key Points Of Arnold Schwarzenegger Speech That Broke The Internet

Arnold Schwarzenegger is one of the most successful people on the planet, and there is no doubt about it. Climbing the ladder successfully in bodybuilding, weightlifting, acting, filmmaking, business, authorship, philanthropy, activism, and politics, he is truly a multi-talented person and a big inspiration for all. In 2018, Arnold Schwarzenegger delivered a speech, which broke the internet. Having much powerful words about life and career, it truly depicts the real picture of success. Today, we bring you the most important key points from that speech. Check them only on Wheebuzz.

Muhammad Ali said he starts to count after it starts hurting

This thing is big, really. In the speech Arnold Schwarzenegger said that “Muhammad Ali worked his butt off. I saw it first hand. I remember there was a sports writer in the gym, and Ali was doing sit-ups then. He asked Ali, how many sit-ups do you do? He said, I don’t start counting until it hurts.” Arnold summed up the story and said that this is working hard. Indeed, Ali will always be one of the greatest sports players of all time.

There is no magic out there. You have to work and work

While laying much focus on hard work, Arnold cleared that there is no magic which pushes you towards success. He said that the only rule to get around is to work, and that is all.

There was not one minute I wasted

He said, “I went to college. I went and worked out 5 hours a day, and I was working on construction, because in those days there was no money in bodybuilding so I had to work. And, in night from 8’O clock to midnight, I was taking acting classes four times a week. There was not one minute I wasted”. Arnold’s story is incredibly inspiring, isn’t it? Well, if this can’t motivate you, nothing can.

I hate plan B

“Plan B takes all the energy from plan A”. He goes on saying that, plan B arises out of fear, this means you afraid to fail, and start doubting yourself. This is not good. Doubters can doubt on you but can’t, he said.

Don’t be afraid of failing, because there is nothing wrong with failing

One of the main reasons why people want to have plan B is because they are afraid of failing. Don’t be afraid of failing, because there is nothing wrong with failing, he said. He went ahead citing the example of Michael Jordan, one of the Greatest basketball players of all time, saying that he failed 9000 times in NBA. He added, “We all fail and that’s okay”.

I became the youngest Mr. Universe because I had a goal

It is very right when it is said that dreams without goal are just dreams. Arnold Schwarzenegger emphasises the need of having goal in life. He said, “if you don’t have a goal or vision, you drift around and you never end up anywhere”. Goals are important and you will be the one who will turn this vision into reality, he added.



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