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Jennifer Lawrence Makes Film Crew extremely Uncomfortable by Being Nude throughout Filming

Nudity is sometimes considered a part of a movie career with many actors having to perform in public without a stitch on. While some actors have reported being uncomfortable about it, but few of them have been sporting about it. Well, Jennifer Lawrence decidedly belongs to the latter group, so much so that it’s she who has started making her crew on the sets of Red Sparrow, very uncomfortable with her naked glory!

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Jennifer Lawrence has always been a bold, outspoken girl about her sexuality. In fact, she has openly discussed her personal life is interviews and national shows like Conan O’ Brian. She is a girl without any inhibition.

Story of a Russian Spy

The upcoming movie The Red Sparrow has plot in which Jennifer plays a Russian spy who is in Love with a CIA agent- Joel Edgerton. There are several scenes in the movie in which she needed to strip down so much so that she stopped bothering getting dressed between the takes too which made the movie crew uncomfortable.

Being undressed is a liberating experience.

Yes, you read that right, Jennifer actually found it quite liberating to be without clothes and confessed about it in another interview with Entertainment Tonight. Rather than puting on a dress on and off, she rather chose to be completely without it, sometimes for a whole a day!

Jennifer was a distraction for everyone.

One hand Jennifer completely agrees to the fact that the crew did an admirable job in making her feel comfortable but it was her instead, who ended up making her crew uncomfortable. It was really a distraction for everyone else in the sets as she roamed about without her robe.

The accent was a bigger problem than nudity.

To be frank, the Russian accent for the part was a bigger problem for Jennifer then nudity itself. In the past highly acclaimed, Oscar-winning actresses like Angelina Jolie and Cate Blanchette have been criticized for their poor imitation of the Russian accent.

Jennifer is going to join politics.

At least, by the looks of it she seems to be doing an admirable job with the accent in the movie trailer she needn’t worry about critics. The film itself seems to be a sure shot success as well.

The actress told in her recent interview with the Entertainment Tonight about her plans to take a break from movies and work off-screen for a while. The 27-year-old would want to get involved in political organization of local youths. She wants more engagement of young Americans in local level politics and wants to be a part of an anti-corruption organization which would represent US at least for a year.While Jennifer wants to be politically active at a local level she does not want to be a party politician of any sort either. She wants to focus on the anti corruption aspect and try to pass laws in every state which would prevent corruption and help the democracy.

Multi-talented cast of Red Sparrow

Well, we all want Jennifer to be back from her hiatus soon so that she keeps belting out great movies for us as always. As of now, we are all looking forward to the March release of The Red Sparrow which has an impressive star cast of highly talented actors such as Joel Edgerton and Jeremy Irons along with Jennifer Lawrence herself.

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