Jennifer Lawrence Engaged To Her Love Cooke Maroney

Jennifer Lawrence has reportedly engaged to Cooke Maroney. First of all, we congratulate the couple for their engagement and love. Engagements in show business are always a big thing, especially for media and fans, and when one of the names is Jennifer Lawrence, who can not feel the vibe of excitement? Jennifer had been dating Cooke Maroney, and finally both have mingled in terms of engagement.

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Jennifer Lawrence is undoubtedly one of the most popular Hollywood film celebrities. Not just that, she is one of the highest paid female celebs as well. Her acting has got her the arguably the most prestigious film award Oscar. Why would her engagement news would not become global talking point?

Most people do not know about Cooke Maroney, Jennifer’s fiancé. Cooke is an art director or art gallerist in New York. Both Jennifer and Cooke have made their engagement news public, but are in favour of remaining their relationship out of public eye. It is completely understandable though. In a world where everything a star say or do, becomes news, this decision can be fairly understood.

Wedding date is a normal thing one would expect to know or interested to know, but as per the sources and the latest updates we have received, wedding date of Jennifer and Cooke Maroney has not been finalized yet. Who knows, they again come up with a surprise with their wedding date, like this time?

Both Jennifer and Cooke have been spotted hanging out together a number of times, but with the engagement news, they have taken their love life and relationship to an another level. According to vulture, both were celebrating in a French restaurant in New York city. Both have been dating since 2008, after Jennifer’s breakup with American director and screenwriter Darren Aronofsky.

Through the 28 years old Red Sparrow star has not revealed her marriage date, neither has the popular boy now Cooke Maroney given any hint about the same, but they both may plan something big, and media is super excited about that. Jennifer Lawrence’s friend Laura Simpson invited both of the persons. Jennifer was reportedly dating the art dealer Cooke Maroney since like last spring. Now, the fans of both Jennifer and Cooke, as well as fans of show business have gotten something called a beautiful gift by the news itself.

Though many people argue that the profiles of both the celebrities are a bit different as Jennifer is world’s renowned actress, having won the prestigious Oscars award, and has been consistently popular in Hollywood film industry. She was also the highest paid Hollywood actress in the years 2015 as well as 2016. Cooke Maroney’s profile is not that high, according to some. He is an art director and dealer in new York city, directed Manhattan’s Gladstone 64 which is a part of Gladstone galleries, showcases a number of artists. But one thing is for sure, profiles may have been different but this is an adorable couple. The news makes sparks among fans and others. Congratulations to both Jennifer Lawrence and Cooke Maroney for their engagement and their life.



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