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Jare Ijalana: 5 Years Old Nigerian Girl Who Changed The Definition Of ‘Beauty’

Beauty should not depend on what color you have, what dress you wear or how expensive makeup you use. Beauty is something that comes out naturally from you; it’s something where you don’t have to change yourself. This is what a little 5 years old Nigerian Girl told the world. Jare Ijalana who successfully attracted millions of people without even trying, she is also tagged as ‘Most beautiful girl in the world’. Not just that, there are thousands of people who are crazily following her as her beauty mesmerized everyone.  How can a small girl like Jare can do so much? Isn’t her story is interesting to know?

Well, WheeBuzz is presenting the complete story behind Jare Ijalana who turned out as an angel

The story of Jare Ijalana: Black beauty from Nigeria

Mofe Bamuyiwa who is basically a wedding photographer lives in Lagos, Nigeria.  She recently posted photos of 5 years old girl on her page as it was related to some project. Completely unaware with the news that people went completely crazy over her pictures of that little kid.  Those snaps got the attention of a thousand likes and very soon there were hundreds of comments about how beautiful Jare is.  Lots of people on Instagram wrote “She is so gorgeous”, “She is too beautiful for this world” etc in their comments.

Well, Jare is not a professional when it comes to modeling. However, Not just Jare but her sisters Jomi and Joba also have some beautiful features. Well, Jomi is seven years old whereas Joba is around 10 year’s old girl. Three of them have amazing beautiful yet natural features that look great on photos. During an interview, Bamuyiwa commented that she also told her mother to launch an Instagram page called The J3 Sisters where is based on all three daughters of her.

Further, she talked about the attention that the Jare is receiving talking about the reason. She said there is only one thing she wanted to convey is Jare’s potential and power that the little girl has.

She added, she wanted to capture her photos which can speak when Jare reached to her adult age.

Here are some more pics of Jare!

But wait? There is not only Jare who attracted too much attention? Well definitely not!

However, before Jare, there were few more girls who attracted a huge attraction and people’ attention.  Here are some of them that you should know!

#Anastasiya Knyazeva

Well, the internet went crazy when one day an blue eyes seven years old girl‘s photo went viral. The little girl also named as ‘most beautiful girl in the world’. Also, Anastasiya successfully grabbed the followers around 600,000 around the world. Her straight bangs, huge round blue eyes, and doll-like face make lots of people crazy for her. Apart from that, Anastasiya is a Russian model and she is famous in her country. But after her photo, videos and singing clips introduced in the social media, little girl become more than just famous.

here is her more photos!

#Thylane Blondeau

Well, another one who received lots of love and followers because of her looks. French model Thylane was a kid when she was labeled as the world’s most beautiful girl. However now she is a grown-up kid and also an actress now.

This is how she looks now!

That’s all for now!


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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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