Interesting and Fun Facts about Spiders

We all feel that irritation or fear to the creepy fellows and spiders with no doubt come among these creatures. They are just tiny, but still, they feel giant and scary that many of us can’t allow them crawling even unknowingly.

Here, I’m going to talk about the spiders. Aside from their looks, there is a lot that you can know about them, so next time you don’t run to your bed. Instead, you put your attention to them.

#1 Are Spiders Insects? No.

Yeah, it is s very true, spiders don’t come in the category Insects and not in the Animals, but they are arachnids just like a scorpion. So here you can understand better what an insect and an arachnid IS-

Differences between Insects and Arachnids

– Insects have three parts in their body. These are head, thorax, and abdomen.

Arachnids only consist two parts that exclude thorax.

– Insects have an antenna.

Arachnids come with no antenna.

– Many of them have wings to fly.

Arachnids don’t include any wings.

– Many of them have six legs.

Arachnids have eight legs.

– They only have two eyes.

Arachnids have up to eight eyes 😉

#2 Web-Spinning Doesn’t Come With All Spiders

Only half of the species from 40,000 have the capability to spin the web. You all think that a spider lives on the web, but that’s not true. Many of them have giant bodies that live in the holes or under the ground. These spiders have a gland that stays on their back and from this, they produce the silk/web.

#3 A Female Spiders Lays Eggs Up To 3000

Ever imagined, this much amount of tiny spiders are in your homes. It’s true; a spider can lay 3000 eggs at a time, she uses her silk to form them in a bundle for protection purpose. Though it’s not the case with every spider, most of them do the bundling thing. Many of them die immediately after giving birth while others enjoy sharing their food with their little ones.

#4 Some of Them Are Very Poisonous

Have you ever met a Black Widow, well if you haven’t yet, then don’t as it’s one of the poisonous spiders that can kill you instantly? Their venom is so strong that even a human can’t handle it. Certain spiders are big in size that they feed on birds, so these spiders have strong venom.

#5 Spiders Are Edible

I am like WTF, but it’s true, people consider them edible, and they taste yummy (ugh). This world is a weird place, so in some parts, people catch the spiders include them in their diet.  Some East Asian countries think this practice quite normal if you are not a vegetarian. In fact, In Cambodia, a species of spiders called Tarantula is farmed, and people there fry them in oil to take pleasure of a crunchy and tasty snack.

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