Some very interesting facts about life that you need to know

There are many facts about life that people need to know but didn’t know; I have compiled the list of few interesting facts that you’re missing.

#1 The sites you see when you have Google for something is different from what others see when they are Google for the same thing.

Google generates a user profile and displays the sites that match your previous clicks. As time goes on, this positive boost means that the world is more in tune with your ideas than it really is.

#2 Potato with butter is more enough for nutrients.

Potato with butter provides you the complete diet that you can survive with all the essential nutrients that human body requires.

#3 Coffee contains 1000+ chemicals.

Believe it or not, a single cup coffee contains more than One Thousand Chemicals. And the sad thing is from these, just twenty-six have been good, and most of them are caused cancer in rats.

#4 Boost your mind with an Apple than coffee at morning

Eating an apple is much better than drinking coffee at morning times to keep your brain awake and boost your mind too.

#5 Acid present in our stomach is much enough to dissolve blades.

There are several acids can dissolve many objects, but it’s true that acid present in our stomach is much enough to dissolve blades.

#6 Claudette Colvin is the first black woman who refused a white woman to give her seat on a bus, not Rosa Parks.

The Parks are Secretary of the NAACP at this time and when Colvin’s actions reach the news NAACP believes that tactics are a great way to draw eyes and ears to their cause. Because Colvin was only a boy (15 years old) who did not want to seem to exploit him, so they chose the Parks as “the face of the movement.” When Rosa Parks got on the bus that day, he was followed by refusing to sit in front of the bus; copy Colvin’s actions and recall the attention of an adult who is better suited to attract the attention of the media and interviews.

#7 The feeding of duck breed is harmful to them.

Any artificial feeding of waterfowl leads to excessive fecal bacteria, poor feed and even affects migration patterns. White bread, in particular, disturbs ducks with their natural, healthy diet and can lead to unhealthy diseases.

#8 Antibiotics are not effective against viruses.

So, if you have a viral infection (such as a cold or throat infection) do not use it and do not diagnose your doctor for them. The number of doctors delivering antibiotics such as sweets because patients expect to receive something ridiculous. You have an immune system. Antibiotics kill only bacteria!

#9 Your blood is not blue inside your body.

Always red. It just looks blue because the light interacts with your skin.

#10 In fact, people use 100% of their brain.

Not all at the same time. It will result in a seizure.

#11 Alcohol is a medicine.

So, cigarettes (nicotine) and caffeine. Anything that changes your mindset is a medicine.

#12 Saying “Sorry” does not mean that you are wrong.

It really means “I’m sorry for what happened.” It does not mean that you receive guilt.

#13 The left lane is a passage (in the United States).

If you want to drive slowly, stay in the left lane!


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Written by Sony

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