Some Interesting Facts About Birds That Will Make You Understand Them More

There are just thousands of species in the feathered creatures’ category that we all know as Birds.  Boards are everywhere in the world and very common to see them playing around in your homes.

But being this much closer to you, how much do you know about them other than their name.

Here is an opportunity to know more about them and understand them better than ever. Read out these unknown facts about birds-

# They Fly Out With Hollow Bones

Yes, it is very true and unlike humans. We have solid bones, but birds have hollow bones, and that means no fillings inside their bones that help them to fly up easily. Their bones can also be found twisted or curved that provides the strength while taking a flight.

# Dinosaurs Equal To Birds

You may think What…??? But, it’s so true if you have already seen those flying dinosaurs, then you can easily believe that birds are evolved from dinosaurs. It took centuries, but lastly, nature nailed it and made them into lovely birds like ducks, doves, and penguins. So, it’s all evolution that always happens to the living ones.

# Crocodiles Are Close Relatives of Birds

Yeah, birds are the closest relatives of crocs that are in the living stage on this planet. It is surprising, but it is the truth that both birds and crocs are from the same reptiles group. These reptiles managed them in the form of dinosaurs, but they were all ended due to rapid environmental changes that they failed to adapt. Good news is crocodiles and birds survived during this entire extinction.

# Birds Mat Via Sound and Bright Colors

When it comes to mating, birds often use different sounds to attract the opposite gender. Bird as passerine uses a variety of signals so they can find their partners. Signals can be songs, chirp or whistles to find their mate in those dense forests. Some birds use the bright colors of their feathers to signal their sexual availability.

# Their Heart Beats Really Fast

Birds are warm-blooded and small in size that means higher metabolic rate. You often see a bird sitting calmly and doing nothing, but at that exact time, his heart beats approx. 250 beats per minute. This beating varies bird to bird that can beat up to 600 beats per minute that are way more than other animals and humans.

# They Fly Higher Than Himalayas Altitude

If you don’t know Ruppell’s griffon vultures then let me tell you, these vultures fly on the highest altitudes than any other bird in the world. They can fly up to 36,000 feet that is even higher than an airline that stays between 30,000 and 40,000 feet where Mount Everest has 29,000 feet of height.

# They Can Even Sleep While Flying

Yup, it’s another strange fact about the birds. Sooty tern, a seabird is known for taking naps while flying so it can stay in the air for longer. The naps are just 1-2 seconds long, but it helps Tern a lot as they only fly for their entire life and occasionally comes down to nest.

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