Insane! 8 Roads You Will Never Want To Drive On

Do you know some roads developed in this World are super rare to even imagine? There are some roads you can never imagine the difficulty of. If you have not seen any such thing in your lifetime, WheeBuzz presents you these really insane roads you will never want to drive on. Some of these roads are considered super deadly because of their nature. Such roads aren’t very common and will give you goosebumps if you drive on them.

Enjoy the rides of these roads with this article from the WheeBuzz

Toroko Gorge Road, Taiwan

One of the most difficult roads to drive through, in the whole Toroko Gorge Road is considered as Taiwan’s deadliest road. The road is very narrow, making it even more difficult.

The place witnesses heavy rains and landscapes. You would surely not want to drive on this road.

Passage De Gois, France

Well, this seems pretty a normal road to drive on and you would be thinking it to be a fun way, but Passage De Gois is a horrible road. Wait for few hours and you will come to know the reality of the same. The road is underwater almost twice a day.

Tides play their part here. The road gets slippery and hard to get through. Once it goes underwater it gets really hard for you to drive on the same.

Tianmen Mountain road, China

Did you see that? Tianmen Mountain road in china is a 11 km long road with beauty and the danger together. This road has 99 hairpin turns. Yes, that’s right 99.

The road has barrier all the way but driving on it is quite challenging and any small mistake can risk your life here.

North Yungas road, Bolivia

Would you like to drive or go on a road called “The road of death”? Yes, you read it right. This is what North Yugas road is called. From the capital city of La Paz to Coroico, the road is extremely difficult. With 200 hairpin turns, and the Amazon rainforest, North Yugas road is one of the most difficult and deadliest roads in the whole world.

Zoji Pass, India

This 9 km pass is located in the beautiful Indian state of Kashmir, linking the city of Ladakh. The road is 3.5 km above the sea level which comes with a number of challenges for some who drive on Zoji pass. This road is dangerous even in the perfect of weather conditions. Also the mud is a big problem at times here.

Luxor Al-harghada road, Egypt

Egyptians would advise you to stay away from Luxor Al Harghada road. But why? Well, firstly this road connects red sea and Luxor, an ancient city which goes to some of the rather remote areas thus breakdown here is really risky. Another thing is that it is a place of a number of terrorists patrolling.Usually to avoid the bandits people driving with the headlights off, but that results in a number of accidents.



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