In Case You Wonder, These Are The Top 6 World’s Financial Capitals

The world is leading to a new dimension where technology and economics play a very significant role. In this way, it is quite essential to have a list of the top cities which make the world economy go rise. This is why these cities are called as Financial capitals of the World. According to a popular Economist, The whole world is partly or completely being run by the contribution of the World’s financial centres. Today Wheebuzz has come up with the cities with greatest economic wealth. Following are the top six financial capitals of the planet.

6. San Francisco

San Francisco is one of the best cities in terms of not only fun but also a lot many other things. It is quite a technologically advanced city, with alluring business development arena. The Bay area in the city has some of the most reputable companies such as Google, Apple, Bank of America, Chevron, Oracle etc. It ranks sixth in the top financial cities in the world.

5. Tokyo

This Japanese city is known for its discipline, commitment and financial institutions. One of the top Asian as well as World cities Tokyo ranks fifth in the list. The International Organisation ‘World Economic Forum’ has dubbed Tokyo as the city which is most ready for the future. Beside that, Tokyo is one of the safest cities where business has been expanding tremendously.

4. Hong Kong

Hong Kong is probably the city which sells dreams by just it’s flabbergasting skyline. The city is located in China and is consistently showing economic progress, making it secured fourth spot in the list of the top financial capitals of World. Hong Kong is one of the fun capitals which has nothing to do with its financial stability. The city is popular for its free market economy which advances it’s economic worth.

3. Singapore

A yet another Asian city in the list proves that East is nowhere lesser than the West in any possible field especially if it has economic value. Trade, business, banking, finance and other such terms sound synonymous to the Lion city. With a continual growth in economic aspect, this city is firmly standing on the third position.

2. New York City

Don’t you get surprised to see one of the greatest and most talked about city on the second spot, and not first. New York city has been the hub of economy since the seventeenth century and is still arguably the top city for such things. Home to some of the biggest giants New York secures second in the top financial capitals of the World.

1. London

London, much like New York is at the top of financial stability as well as having a prominent place in the World’s economy. Also being one of the most fun-loving places, London manages to secure first spot as the world’s top financial capital. The economy of the city goes back to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, which still holds true impact on the world.



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