In Case You Wonder, These Are The 6 Lowest Rated Movies on IMDb

IMDb is something we use for checking rating movies. The movie is wow If it crosses the rating of 8, it is watchable if it is around 7, and it is bad if it is before 5. This is the way it goes right? Well, have you ever wondered about the movies that have rating below 2. Yes, that is right. First of all it was quite unimaginable for me to digest the fact that some movies are tremendously unliked by the audience. Our today’s article is about that only. In case you wonder, these are the six lowest rated movies on IMDb. Check the whole list only on Wheebuzz.

6. Pledge This! (2006) – 1.9

Director William Heins and Stratford Hamilton must have no idea that the movie would meet this kind of fat. A poor rating it got, and leave a sense that it is a bad and unwatchable movie. According to some critic, the movie had a poor storyline which could not engage people for long.

5. Going Overboard (1989) – 1.9

This is a movie released in the year 1989 but was heavily unliked by the audience. It could not even secure a rating of two, which is also bad. It is a story of a struggling comedian who take a different toll for his career. The movie is of comedy genre, but sadly nobody liked the movies and the work of Adam Sandler, Billy Zane, Billy Bob Thornton etc for wasted.

4. Manos: The hands of fate (1966) – 1.9

You don’t consider a thriller and horror movie to have this kind of rating, do you? A 1966 horror movie attempt met the fate of an unsuccessful and poor rating movie with a poor story, making Manos: The hands of fate the fourth lowest rated movie on IMDb.

3. Birdemic: shock and terror (2010) – 1.8

A yet another horror and thriller genre film with a yet another below two rating on IMDb. Critics say that the story was good but could not be executed in the movie storyline. With more than 19 thousand votes, this movie holds the position of the third Lowest rated movie on IMDb.

2. Code Name: K.O.Z (2015) – 1.5

The 114 minutes movie is the second lowest rated movie of all time on the rating website IMDb. The story, however had the power to be a better one but the main problem was the enactment. The story was about a corruption scandal in Turkey and incidents revolve around the same. Sadly, it got only 1.5 rating on IMDb.

1. Saving Christmas (2014) – 1.5

With the name, Saving Christmas does not sound like the lowest rated movie ever on IMDb, but luck is a vivid word. Director Darren Doane must have not imagined even in his wildest of dreams that the movie would meet such a fate. According to IMDb, saving Christmas of 2014 is the Lowest rated movie on the website with only 1.5 rating.



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