In Case You Wonder, Here Are The Richest Teens Of The World

Everybody wants to be popular, rich and successful in life. But what if I say there are some teens, yes teens Who have made it really big. It is a matter of sheer amazement and wonder how could these teens become one of the richest people in the World.

So, now get ready to get to know these wonder teens listed by WheeBuzz

8. Jayden Bledsoe

Jayden Bledsoe, the Chief Executive Officer of Jayden D Bledsoe global group, is an entrepreneur and motivational speaker. He is clearly more than any other guy at his age. Another point to ponder in his case is the ‘Presidential Academic Excellence Award’ in 2009 by the then American president Barak Obama. His company deals with technological aspect.

7. Rico Rodriguez

Have you watched the television series ‘Modern Family’, if so then you must know Manny there. Rico Rodriguez is our Manny. He has also written a book published when he was 13-14, can you imagine? It must be pretty astonishing that a 19 years old guy has made it so big. He is currently one of the greatest teen celebrities in the World.

6. Willow Smith

At an award function

Oh who doesn’t know about him. If you do not know, I don’t know under which rock you are living. Anyway, let me tell about her. She is the daughter of World’s renowned actor Will Smith, and brother of rapper and actor Jayden Smith.

Well, more than that she is known for being an R&B actor and singer. Willow has won a series of awards, and she is clearly an inspiration for many teens.

5. Elle Fanning

A cute and pretty face girl Elle is not just a rich teen celebrity but also a heartthrob of many guys. Being an actress and model, she started her age quite early. She is sister of Dakota Fanning, who is also a model and actress. Elle has an estimated net worth of more than 5 Million USD in 2018. Surprisingly she started acting when she was just two.

4. Jayden Smith

Jayden Smith is a rapper, singer and an actor, born in the year 1998. He is elder brother of Willow Smith and son of Will Smith. He has been featured with Justin Bieber’s ‘Never say never’ as a rapper.

Also, he was featured as the Chris Gardner’s son in the legendary movie ‘The pursuit of happyness’. Apart from all of that, Jayden is one of the richest teens with an estimated net worth of 8 million USD.

3. Chloe Grace Moretz

Started in her career in the year 2004, Chloe Grace Moretz is a notorious model and actress from America. She has won Various teen based awards and an MTV award. With this Chloe Grace Moretz is the third richest teen celebrity on the planet.

2. Lorde

Born in Auckland, the New Zealand singer and songwriter Lorde has given some of the biggest hits such as Team, Royals and many more. What else can one ask for if she wins two Grammys, Billboard awards and three world music awards, which makes her one of the two highest paid teens in the whole World.

1. Abigail Breslin

You would be totally surprised if I tell you her net worth. It’s $12 million. Quite surprising, right? A combination of Singer and actor Abigail has come a long way, she started her career in an commercial at the age of just 3. She is today 22 years old but as a teen also, she is one of the richest and widespread popular celebrities.


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