If You Are a Beach Lover, Leave These Destinations At Your Own Risk

We all love beaches, don’t we? Not just a belief but several scientific studies found that spending time at beach, enhance your happiness ratio and makes your a more cheerful and joyful person. Well, this isn’t the only reason why people chill over those eye catching wonders, right?

Today, WheeBuzz has come up with something ready to make you happy if you are a beach loving person. Here are 10 of the awesome beach destinations you must go to chill.

10. Waipio Valley Beach, Big Island, Hawaii

Hawaii is like a cluster of beaches that is enough to fill our hearts with joy. Well, one such beach is Waipio Valley Beach which is actually a very beautiful thing to see. The scenery over here matches with that of our dreams.

9. Horseshoe bay, Bermuda

Horseshoe bay is a natural popular beach on the island where the best thing is the sound of nature. Here you can sit and enjoy the breeze. You don’t need anything here, just yourself.

8. Lindquist Beach, St. Thomas

A number of trip advisors stress on having a ride to this place. Ideal for swimming, Lindquist beach can be a sheer source of your happiness. Well, you must visit it once before you die.

7. Matira Beach, Bora Bora

Ah! Look at the picture, isn’t it a beautiful thing which just made your day? Well, Matira Beach, Bora Bora in French Polynesia is must go place. The silky sand slopes, palms and everything about this place just takes the breath.

6. Palm beach, Aruba

Well, Palm beach might seem to you a very peaceful and boring place, but it has that everything which is more than enough to keep you busy and enjoying all day and night. Yes, the life over here includes the casinos, restaurants and Nightlife near it, which is just awesome.

5. Honopu beach, Kauai, Hawaii

Well another Hawaiian beach in the list just proved that Hawaii is a state of beauty. Being the Fiftieth state of the United States, it has many wonders that it wouldn’t be wrong to call it a fun capital.

It is also called as Cathedral beach and reaching out here isn’t an easy deal.

4. Honokalani Beach, Wai’anapanapa State Park, Maui, Hawaii

Would you love to visit a place that has everything from natural beauty to a worth remembering experience giving feel, from sitting silent to enjoying with friends or family? Probably your answer is yes. Well, if so, you must visit this Hawaiian beach. Being every photographer’s dream it has black shores, water, sand and almost every beautiful thing.

3. Bathsheba beach, Barbados

Don’t you think it is a bit different from other? Well the arena and essence over here is truly a bit different from most of the beaches in the list. From a wide range of colours all around here to some of the most beautiful scenes, Bathsheba beach is ready to amaze you in all sorts.

2. Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

Sunset Beach is one such beach in the list which I love the most because personally I love sunsets and this beach turns out to be a miracle and heaven for sunset lovers. The Sunset beach, Oahu is voted one of the most beautiful destinations around the globe.

1. El Nido, Palawan, Philippines

The place of almost 50 sand beaches Palawan is an amazingly enticing place which thrives with he beauty of nature including the water and mountain.

Just a kind of place one can imagine while reading a romantic novel. From Mornings to the sunsets, everything is just mind-blowing here.


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Written by Jay Rajput

Jay Kumar is a passionate writer and Conversationalist. He is well versed with niches like sports, travel & tourism, entertainment, and news. He says his biggest hobby is enjoying living. He also likes and does a bit of poetry as well.

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