How Many Hours of Sleep You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Did you know that your zodiac signs can actually give you an idea of how much sleep you need to be healthy and energetic? Well, we must all confess this is the last thing we read while we are reading about daily forecast but there is a sweet spot for everyone depending on their sun signs. Some zodiacs get more refreshed by sleep while some just need a wink to charge their batteries before they embark upon their pursuits of life, some zodiacs are even connected to the lunar cycles as well. Your sun sign can not only tell you how much shut-eye you really need but can also determine your sex lives as well!

WheeBuzz finds out How Many Hours of Sleep You Need Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Taurus Will Sleep As Long As Possible


Taurus is the most indulgent and laid back sun sign in the world. They pursue what they truly fulfill them be it cooking, gardening, and even knitting. The same applies to their sensory and sensual pursuits as well, they have a penchant for overeating and over drinking and of course oversleeping which is also a form of indulgence. They remind us of all those Roman aristocrats decadent and completely wasted.

Gemini Fluctuates Between Needing No Sleep And All The Sleep


We all know Gemini is the sign of twins which means two personalities mingled in one. They are complex and have at least 45 conflicting ideas in their heads all the time. Due to their hugely vivacious personality, they are extremely social and make a huge number of friends and always want to be the life of a party. They hate to be left out for which they can sacrifice rest and sleep. Although they oscillate between days when they are sleeping for 9 hours at stretch and then there are days when they all fresh and ready to roll after just a 45 minutes nap in the span of 2 whole days, it’s simply crazy how they manage it!

Cancer Will Never Have Enough Sleep


Cancer is highly emotional signs like all the water signs, they are the classic homebodies and they are most comfortable in a domestic settings where they get positive energies from their home sweet home. It’s in their own lair that they exhibit their sweet, nurturing and caring side. This is perhaps the reason that cancers charge their batteries the best when they are cocooned in their own comfy beds. Another shocking fact about cancer is that they can sleep forever which can extend up to 12 hours!

Leo Thrives More Through Naps Than A Full Night’s Sleep

Leos are the most volatile and passionate of all the zodiacs, which is natural as they are the fire sign. As long as they are the center of attraction, they can forego sleep completely; a good night’s sleep will charge a Leo up equally in energy which they gain from being the charismatic rock star and the center of adulations, therefore making sleep secondary for them

Having said that, Leos believe in power naps which they are comfortable with an average of 5 hours of sleep, which they compensate with 2 hours power naps every other day. Since they are the kings of the jungle in wild as well as the concrete ones, the proverbial “cat naps” helps them to connect with their primal regality and they have these luxurious naps as they deserve the best of the world.

Virgo Needs Seven Hours In Order To Be The Hard Worker They Are

If possible Virgos can work for 24 hours a day nonstop; they are the true workaholic in the whole spectrum of zodiacs and have to practically tear them away from work for some rest and sleep. Virgos need at least 7-12 hours of sleep in order to function properly. They are the most dedicated, practical and reliable and they think the whole world’s responsibility lies on their shoulders alone. In order to truly relax they need 12 hours of undisturbed sleep

Libra Deserves Eight Hours, As It’s The Only Me-Time They Get×775.jpg

Librans are the sacrificial lambs. They are committed to being the peacekeeper between any feuds, as they are the sign of fairness; they have to take care of harmony and symmetry in the society which is a hard work. They are the one to apologize first for other faults. Just because their tendency to be over sacrificial, they do need a solid 8 hours sleep time, which would be a complete me time with bubble baths, a good book and glass of wine to pamper themselves.

Scorpios Need More Sleep Than They Ever Actually Get


Scorpions are the only water signs that despite being very emotional guard their feeling zealously. This naturally leads them to be outwardly amiable but an obsessive and passionate person within. There are depths in a Scorpios nature which cannot be fathomed easily, what makes it worse is their secretive nature. They also have the nature of foregoing sleep, because of so much complex thought rummaging through their heads all the time. Simply to digest these obsessive thoughts they need to have at least 5 hours of sleep, to regain sanity.

Sagittarius Needs To Go To Sleep Right Now


Like Leos, Sagittarius are also fire sign and are brimming with energy, but being mortals like rest of us they also need to sleep, although the fact they think they are superheroes, born to save the world. Sagittarius is known to be optimistic and look at the world with rose-tinted glasses. They prefer living in an idealistic world and this is the reason enough that they need to shut whatever grand plans they are up to, they need to close it and get some shut-eye, right now!

Capricorn Already Knows How Much Sleep They Need, Thank You Very Much


Capricorns are obsessed with accomplishments and hitting milestones in life before everyone else does. This competitive streak is their undoing. They are come out to be snobbish and condescending to the world, so it’s a risky business to tell a Capricorn how much rest they need. They have a strict regimen in place already and hit the pillow by 10 at night and get up at 5:30 in the morning without anyone telling them to do anything. And before you know they are already in the office started off with their projects.

Aquarius Wonders What Sleep Really Means, Anyway


Aquarians are an highly intelligent bunch of people who really believe in the futility of sleep. They think it is a useless human construct which could be utilized in something more productive. They have their own sets of ideas about how life should be lived and love playing devils’ advocate and derive pleasure from heated debates, which is also a façade to hide their true emotions .whatever the case, they need at least 8 hours of sleep, because it would take another hour to slow their overactive brain to the sleep mode.

Pisces Cannot Wakeup Before Dreaming


Pieces are the most distant and detached of all the zodiac signs as far as reality is concerned. They are a water sign which makes them emotional, whimsical and wise. They float in their world of imagination. Unlike other zodiac, pieces thrive on sleep as it’s their escape route from the realities of the world, but contrary to the popular belied their sleep is shallow as they love remembering their dreams even when they wake up. This gives them a tiny chink from the reality to escape which they truly desire for all the time.

Aries Needs A Solid Six Hours, Unless They Have Work To Do


Aries is the most driven zodiacs as they are the fire sign and highly passionate, ambitious and competition and are obsessed being the number one. In fact, the recommended 7 hours sleep routine irritates the Aries as they find it a waste of time while they can use the hours for achieving their goals. They can survive with six hours of daily sleep. They can easily pull an all-nighter when they have projects to be finished and sleep goes to the back burner, seriously, who needs to sleep when you have the world to change!


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

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