How Many Horses You See Will Reveal Something About Your Personality

There may be an abundance of personality tests online but do not think for once that these tests are just made up pieces of drivel meant to entice the reader. Many of these tests are actually based on psychological perceptions of objects, colors, and other things whose choices by an individual makes up one’s personality since these choices are usually categorized into those made by various groups of people with a common personality.

Personality tests appeared first in the 1920s and with the likes of Freud and Jung, such things grew to become a major deducting factor for every psychiatrist. It is also used to screen employees too. WheeBuzz brings you one similar test to check your personality.

How many horses do you see?

A situation can be approached differently and either negatively or positively.  It is the perception of such images that is important and taking into account your own assumptions and train of thought, a conclusion can be made that reflects your personality type. So note down how many horses you see in the image below.

One horse

If you just saw one horse, then it means you aren’t observant enough and see things from a surface point of view. Small issues do not worry you and you decide things fast.  According to you, everything is related and part of a larger whole. This is what makes you realize the importance of teamwork and unity. You are a good team player and team leader too who also listens to the advice of his team-mates while imparting honest thoughts to them.

You see things beyond a true meaning

You possess the ability to look beyond the true meaning of things.  You also make sure others succeed if you believe in their abilities. You see things differently and you aren’t selfish and get your facts straight. If you believe in something, no one can make you disbelieve it. You always win your debates and rely on your hunches and don’t care about other’s opinions about you.

Between 5 to 10 horses

If you saw between 5-10 horses, then you look at things seriously and try to do your best in all situations. You are a perfectionist and also a logically reasonable person who is heavily focused on responsibilities.  You achieve your goals easily but sometimes you could be sloppy which doesn’t go well with your perfectionist personality. However, sometimes it’s ok to be flexible and let go which is what you know already.

You like people anticipating and waiting for you which is why you have a schedule for everything and check off the planned itinerary. You tend to repeat things and go back and forth on issues if you know that is what will lead you to your target. You are a confident person and very sure of yourself but you may underestimate things sometimes and this might sometimes lead to failures which you should be careful about. But, you don’t let such things get to you and move on easily.

11 horses or more

If you saw 11 or more horses, then you are highly observant and look at the details.  You possess the ability to see what others cannot and you do a job thoroughly without missing any details to achieve perfection. You do things the way you want to and that might make you lag behind.

You are a methodical person

You do things methodically and follow instructions to the letter. Your excellence produces results but you should realize that such attention to details can be applied to use in other situations too and you will understand what they are. You aren’t satisfied with just a yes and prefer going beyond that. Your constant desire for perfection may cause you to be a little insecure about the results. Just go with the flow and don’t worry too much by taking everything so seriously.


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Written by Andrew Alpin

Andrew Kevin Alpin is a senior content specialist from Kolkata, India. With a passion for writing from a very young age, he has 8 years of experience in content writing behind him. Apart from being well versed in several niches, Andrew’s forte is social media stories, news, health, fitness, parenting, entertainment, literature, philosophy, travel and food. With a penchant for writing poetry, he has also published a collection of poems written over years titled “Thy will be Done”. Andrew’s interests include reading, music and collecting occult and spiritual books.

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