Heartbreaking Video of Grieving Elephants Carrying Dead Baby in Funeral Procession

This world would not be the same without animals and though scientists may downplay the emotive feature of animals. They do seem to be more compassionate than humans and display as much if not more emotions as we.

WheeBuzz shows you this very recent video gone viral about a herd of elephants carrying their dead baby in procession and just can’t seem to let go. Watch the video at the end of the article.

The heartbreaking video shows the mother elephant carrying the baby

The heartbreaking video footage shows an elephant presumably the mother carrying the body of her dead baby followed by the herd in what appears to be like a funeral procession. The heart wrenching and stunning scene was recorded by a forest ranger in India and has since gone viral sparking a huge response and outpouring of emotion worldwide.

The video shows the adult elephant emerging from the woods with the dead baby in her trunk while a group of people were seen gathered in the distance watching the spectacle. The adult had its trunk wrapped around the baby.

Onlookers gather at the scene but the elephants are oblivious of them

The lifeless body of the baby elephant was a sad and chilly scene to watch. Once the adult crosses the road, she puts down the body and waits for the rest of the herd to come. One by one the elephants emerge from the wood and start walking in line as if in a funeral procession. They all gather around the deceased baby elephant.

The baby is again scooped up by one of the larger elephants and they then move away into the safety of the forest. The video was shared last Friday and has since chalked up over 6K shares and mixed responses on Twitter. It received over 13k likes. The elephant herd is oblivious of the onlookers and it is as if they are showing humans what compassion is all about.

An outpouring of emotion on social media

Since it was shared, there was an outburst of emotions on social media. One ID with the name Dvika commented “This is heart-rending. There’s a lot that humans can learn from animals.” Another Sumita Bhatt said: “Omg!!! First time I have seen such video. Really very touching”

Scientists warn against interpreting such displays as grief but elephants are among those species that have been observed as time and again having emotions especially when it concerns mourning their dead.  Even Smithsonian magazine says that elephants are among animals that display grief and hold funeral like processions.

Watch the video

Parveen Kaswan, IFS on Twitter

This will move you !! Funeral procession of the weeping elephants carrying dead body of the child elephant. The family just don’t want to leave the baby.

This was one heartbreaking moment where a mother elephant has carried her dead baby with the rest of the herd showing support. It goes to show that animals do have emotions and show compassion and kindness, contrary to what the experts believe. Watch the video below.


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