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Hate Greasy hair? Here are some hairstyles that you can do when you hate doing shampoo every day!

As we told you before, being a lady is not a joke. Imagine washing your hair every day in such cold and freezing season! It’s one of the most difficult tasks that women need to do. However, lots of ladies don’t get time or enough motivation to wash hair every day and it leads greasy and oily hair. And for a lady, having greasy hairs is like a curse! It not only looks bad but also embarrassing. So ladies! No need to feel guilty about it! Here we are presenting the best hairstyles that you can do when your hair looks greasy also for those who avoid doing shampoo regularly!

#1 Half-Up Bun: Too lazy to try anything

Sometimes we don’t have that much time to do hairstyle and with greasy hair, you cant even let it open. So escape that thing and pull your half hair up and secure your bun with some bobby pins. You are all set to look fab!

#2 Twist hairs: Stylish yet simple

One of the easiest hairstyles that look good with every length of hair. You need to separate your hairs from font section and twist it.pull hair to the back and pin it on the cross side. Best thing about this hairstyle,  it will save your time.

#3Braided pony: Boho hairstyle for urgent works

If you love ponytails and you cant sacrifice it even if you have oily hair then do the Braided ponytail. Also, you can wear it for every occasion, no matter it’s an office meeting or just a night out.

#4 Messy bun: Simple, beautiful and trendy

There is no doubt that messy bun is on trend, you can easily find girls with messy bun. Not just the hairstyle on trend but also it is one of the easiest hairstyles that can cover your greasy hairs. You just pull your hair into the ponytail, separate it into three part and tease it.  Then, wrap it up in opposite side and pin it with bobby pins.  Create as much as you want messy effect and you will get your hairstyle.

#5 Fishtail Braid:  Pretty and new

However, it needs some time and also you need little bit practice but all over the look that you will get at the end is damn gorgeous. The Hairstyle also gives you a new look and a style.

#6 Braided Bun: Hide greasiness with style

Those who think that bun can be boring then you need to see this one! Braided bun is simple, just make a braid in your hair, pull few strands that will give some puffiness and pull it back with a neat knot.


#7 French braid:  Neat and easy

Well,  if you had long hair or short or even medium, you can try this hair when your hair is greasy and dirty.  Just make sure you comb your hair perfectly and don’t leave any kind of knots or tangles in your hair as it will harm your hair and also break your hair in a worst case.



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