Hard to understand Humans? Well, these points can make your life lot easier!!

Are you one of those who keep repeating ‘I don’t understand Humans at all!’ well, you are not alone. As you all know, Humans are an extremely confusing creature made by God and understanding them can give you a real hard time. People can be a sometimes pain in the ass but the thing is there little basic stuff that can actually help you to understand and to deal with people as well as it will help you to know how to act around them. Psychology says that it’s easy to understand someone by their body language and expressions. However, it’s not important to study hard for identifying such points, for making your life easier; here are the listed points that can help you!


Let’s start with the first meeting, however at this moment meeting eyes with a stranger is completely awkward but here is the trick: try to know the eye color of the person it will help you to feel confident and you can maintain an optimum eye contact without making the situation awkward.


When someone laughs, they directed look at the person they feel attracted or close. So if you are in a group and everyone is laughing at something then it’s the best way to know who is closer to whom!


You asked a question to someone but you are not satisfied with the answer? Well, saying anything at this moment can make things awkward for you. The best way to deal with such situation, maintain an eye contact with the person, stay calm and wait. Such situations make people pressurized and they talk more and more to explain.


If you are in an interview or meeting someone for short time of period then remember this point: People don’t remember the whole thing, they only have the first and last thing memory that happen.


How to understand if a person is interested in talking with you or not?  Well, notice their feet if they are pointed in your direction then feel free to talk as the person is completely into you but if their feet are pointing away then drop the conversation because you are boring him or her and they just want an escape.


Asking for small favors like closing or opening a door for you,  etc train people’s mind that you actually like them. Well, according to Gradual Commitment asking to do harmless favours make people hard to say no to you. And obeying you makes them think that you feel good about them, no matter, in reality, you want to rip their head off.


If you are around someone or something which makes you afraid or frightened, then try ‘chewing gum trick’! The psychology behind this is simple, eating something turn your negative thoughts off and let you relax. As per experts, Human’s brains are programmed to not eat if the person is in danger and if you are eating something then it let your brain think that there is no danger around you, it’s a basic trick for fooling your brain!


Don’t know how to get a way in a crowded area? Well, simply focus on gaps between the people and avoid gazing over people’s head and shoulder. The crowd follows the gaze directions, you want to get a way just focus on the direction where you want to go and the crowd will automatically give you a gap to move.


One of the most awkward moments is when you met someone and you don’t know how to act around it. Well, try to mirror their actions or body language. It will help in building a comfort as well as trust level.


Someone is angry with you and you can feel that they are just ready to fire on you? The best way to deal is to sit next to that person it makes them uncomfortable to concentrate and awkward to feel aggressive toward you. try this trick and you can save yourself from an outburst!


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Written by Nupur jha

I am an author and aspiring novelist, working on my dream projects. Apart of being book-worm, I am movies and series addict, foodie and travel-Holic.

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