GLONUT anyone ? A glow in the dark donut has taken the pastry world by storm..

We have made the job of finding yourself a tempting and exciting midnight snack easier.

People all over the world are currently obsessed with the so called Glonuts! Well a bakery in Sydney neighbourhood of Australia revelry released glow in the dark donuts. This Glonut is the latest addition to the world’s galaxy themed food products like the Dairy Queens galaxy cake, Galaxy doughnuts, Galaxy bagels and Disney’s glow in the dark cotton candy.The bakery that is behind the invention of this amazing donuts is Black Star Pastry. In 2008 Christopher Thé opened his own boutique patisserie, Black Star Pastry, in Newtown. The bakery has then flourished and garnered critical praise locally and internationally. Chris is driven by a taste-up philosophy of food design, rather than appearance, and this can be experienced in every piece of deliciousness BlackStar creates.The inspiration for this pastry came when the owner and baker Chris Thé was walking around the Vivid Festival in 2016. He was trying to think of a way to link his food with the light show. The answer that popped into his head was to make it glow in the dark. Seeing the amazing Vivid light show is one thing, eating is a totally different experience!

This idea was completely irresistible and after fixing on the idea of glow in the dark food, it took them almost a year’s time to come up with a solid plan that would made their customers go wow! The idea of having dark glowing icing all over the face and hands of their customers was amusing and exciting and the only item that will get their idea to work out was the donut. After fixing it, they came up with the idea of giving it the name “Glonut” which really closed the deal. The glonut is based on our BlackStar donut which is like a brioche with half the butter, so it is light to eat and not at all greasy. The magic is in the icing which glows in the dark under blacklight.

The ingredient that makes the icing glow is made from vitamin B or Riboflavin that is natural and safe to eat. This glows under the UV rays and the nature of the icing in itself is quite acidic. They then decided to ice the donut in yuzu glaze. This icing is also quite tartish, so there is a balance of sweet and sour on the soft buttery donut.

Thus came the Glonut! People from day one of its introduction loved it so much that the makers had to ramp up their production to meet their ongoing demand. When you can make food as per your imagination like these glow in the dark donuts then definitely food will be a huge success. The patisserie is also appreciating their customers who are giving their Glonut a insta worthy appearance and making it more successful. People have taken to social media to post pictures of these amazing buttery glow in that dark Glonuts and we just can’t stop staring at them the whole day!

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