Girls! Hold your breath. We are going to reveal world’s most handsome man list of year 2017!

Every girl wants to have someone who looks like a dashing hero: Smart, hot and handsome. It’s not a lie that we look for such traits when it comes to boys. However, There are many girls who believe that looks don’t matter which is true but if a guy is good in nature as well as in looks then that doesn’t sound as bad deal! Anyway, Did you ever wanted to know who is the most handsome guys in this world? Well if you did then TADA! Here is the list of all those guys who just not look handsome but also voted as ‘Worlds Most handsome Man’ list. Most of them are actors or celebs or well-known personalities, so girls grab your seat and here we go!

#1 Tom Cruise

Well, that’s an obvious name. Tom Cruise is holding the place of the most handsome guy in the world. Not just that, he is blessed with a charming personality and beautiful smile that can steal your heart within a second.

#2 Godfrey Gao

Godfrey is not that socialized as compare to other names in the list, however, his looks and dressing sense makes him attractive for a woman. He is extremely popular on the south eastern side of Asians countries. Good thing, he is still single!

#3 Hrithik Roshan

One of the most handsome actors in Bollywood, Hrithik Roshan is blessed with a hot personality and amazing body which makes every girl crazy over him.  He is also a sexist man in Asia and there is no doubt that he holds a power over his fans.

#4 Robert Pattinson



Hottest Vampire in human history, No one can forget his role as ‘Edward Cullen’ in Twilight movie. He stole so many hearts with his killing looks and charming face, he is not married however dated several times.

#5 Omar Borkan Al Gala

You believe a guy can steal your heart just with one look? Yes, that’s what Omar do! His eyes are one of the most sexist things you whatever saw. He is a model in the Middle East and has a huge girl fan following. He is so handsome that he was once deported from a religious even because the women were staring him instead of focusing on the event.

#6 Noah Mills

Single and one of the most handsome men, Noah is from Canada and acted in few movies. However, he also considering opting modeling soon which is a great decision as he looks not only attractive but he is fit for a model carrier with perfect height and body.

#7 Brad Pitt

Husband of worlds’ sexiest woman Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt is a famous name in Hollywood. Before Angelina, he was married to Jennifer Aniston but they got divorced in the year 2005.  Brad is also an amazing actor who had given many hit movies to the Hollywood industry. Also, Brad is famous for doing charitable work and voting such causes for good works



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