Get To Know Top 5 Bizarre Phobias People Face

Human beings are normal living creatures which are not so different when compared to other living creatures. The main difference between them and us is that we use our brain and intelligence in our daily lives but others don’t. Everyone will be scared of some or other things in their life, and that extreme fear or irritational fear is known as a phobia. Whereas some phobias are considered to be normal and not so dangerous but some others are very difficult to manage and this will impact others and also themselves. Here are some of such bizarre phobias which people face in their lives.

#1 Glossophobia

It is fear of public speaking. People with this phobia will be very sensitive in front of crowd or group of people and will be unable to control their overwhelming nervousness. This nervousness will result in fear of public speaking and will break down in front of the people or crowd itself. So this will, in turn, make them in such a way that, they will completely avoid speaking in public. The reason why this can be caused is because of trauma and also internal predisposition.

#2 Genophobia

This is a psychological fear of sexual intercourse, so these people might be afraid of sex or anything which is involved in it. The reason why this can be caused is if that person had an unpleasant sexual experience such as rape or molestation then people will suffer from the trauma and will, in turn, lead to a phobia.

#3 Heliophobia

It is a fear of sunlight. This can be caused to any person if they believe that, going under the sun will cause skin cancer and many other problems like-if a person has suffered from sunburns, then that can also be the case. This way of thinking of people will lead to heliophobia.

#4 Decidophobia

It is fear of making one’s own decisions. This can happen to those people who faced problem in decision making since their childhood or any other point in their life. People who suffer from this phobia will generally try to avoid the situations as much as possible even if it is very difficult for them. This phobia will make people devote serious effort to ensuring that they are completely not responsible for taking decisions in their life and so they will constantly depend on others for taking decisions.

#5 Nomophobia

It is a fear of being without using a mobile phone and the reason for this is addiction and attraction towards technology. There are people who suffered from this phobia and in a survey which was conducted in the United Kingdom; most people admitted that they do suffer from this phobia. Not only in the United Kingdom, but this is famous in many nations all over the world. People are in the age limit of 18-24 suffer from this phobia allot when compared to others, as they are very much addicted to mobile phones and technology.

These are some of the bizarre phobias which people suffer from in their day-to-day life.

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