Get To Know These Four Places More Mysterious Than Bermuda Triangle

You all have heard about the tragedy of Bermuda Triangle, but what if there are places that create more mystery than Bermuda Triangle. These places encounter several mysterious events that even science failed to explain.

There are not any exact theories for the disappearing of ships and planes while traveling around these areas and every one of these places holds a different mystery in itself. So let’s move ahead and know about these creepy places:

#1 The Devil’s Sea

Also known as the Dragon’s Triangle, this place holds as much mystery as the Bermuda Triangle. The place became famous when it encountered several strange happenings around the area of Pacific Ocean.

Other than just the mysterious disappearances, this area is recognized for most horrible experiences like magnetic anomalies, visions of unexplainable lights and other unusual situations.

There are several stories, and one of them is about a team of investigators that went to investigate the mysteries and never came back. This fishing vessel was ‘Kaio Maru No. 5’and there were a total of 31 people as the crew, but they were never seen again.

The reasons are unknown, and there are just predictions that include the presence of aliens, gates of universe or Atlantis, volcanic activities, etc.

#2 San Luis Valley

San Luis Valley situated in southern Colorado is recognized as one of the mysterious places where inexplicable happenings take place such as flying objects like an alien craft and several mutilations issues to animals.

This valley is famous for UFO sightings than any other mysterious things, and a lady named Judy has established a UFO watchtower here and through which over 50 UFO sightings have observed yet.

Many people have observed these happening in this valley, and the tales of animal are also the most horrified in this area. The first incident took place in 1967 when a horse was found without her brain and a naked neck bone.

#3 Bennington Triangle

This place Bennington Triangle is full of the stories of the disappearance of several people over all these years. The triangle is placed in southwestern Vermont that went popular because of those five mysterious disappearances.

The first incident happened to a 75 years old man on November 12, 1945, who was on his way leading a group of hunters. Somehow, he went ahead of his group, and no one saw him again.

The second happening was about an 18-year-old Paula Welden who went on hiking in 1946 and never came back. Not even a single piece of evidence was found by the investigators.

All these five people got missed differently, and no one found any evidence and since that time this place is not less than any haunted venue.

#4 Superstition Mountains

There are several stories behind these Superstition Mountains, and one of them is related with the discovering of a gold mine inside this mountain. In the 1800s, a man named Jacob discovered a gold mine, but he didn’t reveal the secret until his death.

After that, many people went on in search of this god mine and lost their lives. Locals here believe that these dead people still haunt these mountains.

Some of the locals say that the gold mine is protected by some tiny people who live there in the caves. Some of them believe that the mountain opens the gate to hell, so Superstition can always be experienced in these mountains.



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