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These Four Zodiac Signs Will Be The Happiest in 2018

Although zodiac signs and the forecasts related with each signs always had a debatable authenticity but still it remains the most read and researched column in any newspaper or magazine. Even in this age of internet and technology online zodiac forecast are the “most” read topics on the internet. So here we are a week into 2018 already and there are many staunch believers still looking for detailed forecast for this year. It does not matter whether you really believe in it or not but the sheer curiosity to know what the year has in store for us is strong enough for many to read on their forecasts.

The Zodiacs which are the “happiest” zodiac

We all know there are 12 different zodiac signs and we fall into one of them depending upon our date of birth (basically the month in which we are born). Now it’s really exiting to know about our “individual yearly forecasts” rather than having just a boring overview of how this year going to be for all of us. After a research we have concluded that there are 4 “really happy” sun signs which have many common pleasant aspects to them. Read on to know whether you are one of them or not:

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1. Gemini

All the Gemini’s of the world have a reason to celebrate 2018 as they are definitely going to be happy and cheerful this year (may be a bit more then there neighbors…). They will all have something pleasant to look forward to and have a great sense of worth and independence, so if you were waiting for a big career change or those marriage vows, now is the time to take them.

Gemini’s will feel happier in 2018

2018 is going to be really good for Gemini so take this forecast as a sign to be more adventurous with your life and career. This New Year will be on a roll for you and all you have to do is to keep up the momentum and make the most of it.

Gemini career and jobs zodiac

Gemini as a sun sign is known for its creativity and fluidity of thoughts, and people who are blessed enough to be related to similar nature of work are in for a rewarding year. 2018 will influence your talents and creativity which would land you big projects to showcase your finesse on a larger platform. Especially the year immediately after 12th October seems to be super auspicious for you. Word of caution though, is NOT to multitask and overdo things which would slow you down and also be cautious while investing in a new venture as partnerships are not high on roll this year for you. So enjoy your work as your office environment keeps improving by the day.

Gemini romance and love zodiac×1024/filters:format_auto-!!-:strip_icc-!!-/2015/11/12/812/n/1922283/b0c3f4f7_edit_img_cover_file_35068062_1443553200/i/Best-Moments-From-Notebook.jpg

Well for the Gemini’s, Love is in the air this whole year. If married your relation is already on an upward curve and a lot of romantic holidays and dates are in site. If single be ready to mingle with a wonderful stranger who might be waiting for you and who knows you might bump into that person say….by this October? Fingers crossed!

2. Leo

For all the lion and the lionesses that somehow lost their thrones last year, 2018 is the year to reclaim your kingdoms. You will easily surpass all the failures of the past and move on. 2018 is going to prove to the world and make you the sign that you truly are! All you need to be is to be focused towards your goals and see all your plans being accomplished by this year.

Leo Jobs and careers zodiac

Leos are always known for their fearlessness in career and being vibrant and active. This year is going to be no different only that it would bring strings of success through your own innovation and hard work. Make all the necessary changes and sit back and relax while all your plans are put to actions by others like a well oiled machine. You will starts receiving tangible rewards beginning from October.

Leo romance and love

All our married Leos will have peaceful and stable married life throughout 2018,  excepting the month of august when you could feel a bit clingy in the relation but be calm. This phase will pass through and love would again get stronger. Just respect each other’s space and breeze through this year with your partner. For singles, love is waiting for you as you may find someone who is equally passionate and fearless as you are.

3. Libra

Libras are in for a real peaceful and calm year which was elusive to them for last couple of years and 2018 is finally the year which brings them the calm happiness. You would be surrounded with people with positive energies and be full good vibes, which will help you to look in to the future fearlessly and forget the past. Do not rush into things and slow down your pace to feel the beauty and nature all around you.

Libra Jobs and work zodiac

Libras are going to be the centre of attraction in the workplace for all the right reasons this year. 2018 will fill you with the courage to expand and rise higher up. If you conduct yourself with grace and generosity, you will be looked up to and people would flock to you for suggestions and advise! November and December will be a sizzling holidays for you but balance it out with hard work and dedication for tremendous success in 2018.

Libra romance and love

Libras value vibrancy and excitement in their love life and 2018 is just the year for a Libra couple. If married this year is going to be idyllic, cozy and comfy. For the singles…well,well,well be prepared to paint the town red with a racy love affair which is on the cards.

4. Sagittarius

2018 is proverbial a portal for new opportunities and big long impending decisions which if  missed would be regretted for the rest of the life so shed all your inhibitions and make those big moves which you have been planning for years. Have faith in your dreams and as there is hope in the future for sure, what are you afraid of?

Sagittarius jobs and career zodiac–best-jobs-virgos.jpg

2018 is the year in which you get all the rewards of all the past years of hard work and slogging, yes, this is the year of mega pay-offs buddy which you earned through your dedication and vision. April and august may through some challenges with work pressure but put your game face on and just stick with it as you’ll get massive bonus for this inconvenience. November would be a magical month as Jupiter entering Sagittarius which is a home sign. This means in simpler terms you would be full of confidence and would make the most of it.

Sagittarius love and romance zodiac

For the married Sagittarians, 2018 promises a strong year of compatibility and support from your partners who would stand along with all your tribulations. For the singles, trusts us your exuberance would make you the brightest light in any social gathering you go and have no problem attracting attentions. November is the best month to make a serious commitment as Venus retrograde ends by November. So happy joyous and romantic year for all you lucky ones! zodiac

Although these are the 4 happiest sun signs according to the research but by no means the rest of the signs are in for dubious year ahead. There is much you can do to make your life exciting and happy, as its eventually in your hand alone what you make life and fate and no one else, so make a plan this year and just stick to it and may be who knows you’ll end up happier than those 4”proverbial blessed zodiacs” and be more prosperous than any of them!


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Written by Gargi Chakravorty

Gargi Charavorty is a passionate writer with 7 years of experience in writing for blogs and websites. She has studied in Hindu College (D.U.) and is a History honors student currently pursuing her Masters in the same.

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