Forget About Google. This “DEEP SEARCH” Website Reveals Shocking Facts about You Anyone Can Find Online

Have you ever tried Googling yourself or someone? What do you get? Well you may see several names which may identify the person you’re looking for especially if that person happens to have a strong social media presence synced with Google. As for yourself, if your Google accounts are synced with your phone, then at the most you will be able to visit your Google Timeline to find out your each and every move is being tracked by Google. But that can be controlled by you and can also be disabled so it isn’t a big deal really and can be helpful at times.

This website makes Google lame where personal data is concerned

But!! Here’s the real deal. This website makes Google look lame in comparison where tracking records are concerned. The reference to this website was found on and we thought you should know about it. It is a shocker where deep searches abut someone’s identity is concerned. It can reveal almost every detail about you down to records of your parking tickets. It reveals shocking facts about you and you can use it to find lost family or even if your boyfriend or the guy you’ve been dating has a criminal record. It’s as deadly as that.

Nothing is private. Any public record about you is available

It’s called “Instant Checkmate” and the link to it is given later in this article. It contains records of millions of public available criminal, traffic, arrests and personal online records that can be searched by almost everyone. It applies only to the United States though, so someone living in another country could get access to a person living in the states but not about him or herself.

Members of Instant checkmate can acquire personal records within seconds. In case you don’t know, then if you are an American, the government most probably has a documented file on you even from your school days. Such records contain highly sensitive information about you like your address, relatives, associates, arrest records, speeding tickets and your spouse. All this information is considered “Public record” by the government and that’s why it’s available regardless of how sensitive it is.

Family records are also revealed

Earlier if you wanted to check a record or find family, you would have to go to a county office or the courthouse and request the information. Such a procedure takes days and weeks. But with Instant Checkmate, the information is at your fingertips. All it takes is a couple of clicks of the mouse.

You could even find out if your spouse or family member has been chalking up traffic violations or some personal information on the unknown new guy you’ve been dating whether he has a criminal record or not. The biggest advantage of Instant Checkmate is that it reveals all general background information like previous addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, licenses, court records and even satellite imagery of a given address. It’s scary and creepy really but this is what technology brings. If it’s online, it’s available and accessible. Regardless of how foolproof records may be ultimately there will be a website like Instant checkmate granting access to such stuff.

Although scary about the information on you being made available to others, there is a lot of advantages too. The website will reveal Child abuse offenders, women molesters and the like.

What instant checkmate reveals about you

  • Your Personal Information
  • Your full name and identity
  • Your entire history such as your previous addresses, images of your house, information about your neighborhood
  • The estimated value of your home
  • Your birthdate, your age and astrological sign
  • Your relatives and associates and close friends (including boyfriends, girlfriends, and anyone tied to you can appear on the list.

People cannot hide from you on this list

The site also reveals your phone number so basically it would be impossible for anyone trying to hide from you if you use this list. This is worrisome no doubt knowing that so much of your personal records are actually public. Go here to Instant Checkmate to see how exposed you are.

Your Online Activity and Accounts

This gets even creepier. This is just the tip of the iceberg because this website also searches the deep web to find out your online activity. It can locate your profiles on social media and even find profiles you may have made on dating sites. Well! If imagine a girl can even locate what her boyfriend has been upto if he has been visiting dating sites for some extra action hehe!! This reveals user names, photos and videos all in seconds.

Your past activity will also be revealed

You may even find old data of past activity on the internet you have forgotten about. There may be some nerdy photos from high school or something revealing too you never know. You could find if someone has tagged you in a photograph without your knowledge. It’s a great way of seeing that’s there about you so you can protect your online reputation and get rid of some stuff.

Driving Tickets and criminal records

Forget about your speeding tickets those petty things that you’ll find online. You’ll find all those traffic violations that you or even your family members have raked up. But that means someone else doing a check on you will also get access to that information. If you want to find out if someone has a criminal record, just do the search using his name, city and state that’s all. Every criminal record right down to a jaywalking offense will be visible on Instant Checkmate. From DUI’s to misdemeanors and felonies, northing is secret. It is there for anyone wanting to poke their nose in your records. But then you too can do the same especially if you suspect someone of having a criminal record.

Professional Licenses on record

Professional licenses issued by the government like DEA and FAA licenses may be part of a background report as well. By all this you can well imagine how much of every individual’s personal information is available online.  When you know what lies in your background reports, you have the opportunity to protect yourself online as such a website revealing all is scary and something huge.

Don’t ignore the information and any such shocking facts about you. All your records are revealed online and others knowing about this may be searching abut you right now, you never know who’s looked you up. The information may overwhelm you but it is best advised to use such a tool responsibly and with consideration to other’s privacy. Click here to go to

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Written by Andrew Alpin

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