Five Unique Restaurants Around The World

You all love having dinners at your favorite restaurants. But can you say that you have made an adventurous dinner out there that was so unusual? Well, here I take you these five unique restaurants that can be marked adventurous without any doubt. So let’s enjoy reading these out and set your next trip to any of these.

#5 Ithaa Undersea Restaurant 

The restaurant based Ithaa with an incredible meaning ‘Mother of pearls’ is located in Maldives which is an Undersea Restaurant. It is the specialty that always attracts adventure seekers to attend dinner here with an extraordinary view of sea life.

The restaurant is built below 16 feet of the sea from where you can enjoy watching sea life while having your cuisines. This natural scenery can be enjoyed without wearing any wetsuit or any snorkel. It features among the most exciting restaurants, so there is no doubt that it would be a bit pricey experience, but it is totally worth it.

One can enjoy European and Asian cuisines here, to know more you can always attend here and take pleasure in an underwater dinner.

#4 Grotta Palazzese

A coastal restaurant located in a fishing village Polignano a Mare, Italy. The coastal place is the main attraction here, and the natural scenery can be enjoyed here sitting at your dinner tables built under a cave.

The entire management is at the seaside that makes it an exceptional place for tourists in Italy.  The served food in this caved restaurant with the natural breeze of the blue water, and those refreshing sounds of the cost make it all worth to travel to the village Polignano and make your trip memorable for the lifetime. Also, it feels very much romantic to attend there with your partner and take pleasure in the delicious and fresh seafood.

#3 Bird’s Nest Restaurant

Well, if you want to have a look at the beach and eating your dishes like those free birds being in the trees then it is the best place for you to fulfill your exotic wish. This Bird’s Nest Restaurant in the Soneva Kiri Eco Resort offers you this fantastic tree tops food in Thailand.

Indeed, this treetop way of dining is an incredible way to meet yourself with nature while filling up your taste buds. It is about 5 meters from the ground level attached to the trees with the sandy views of the beach.

#2 The Labassin Waterfall Restaurant

Have you ever imagined enjoying lunch by the side of the waterfall? If yes, then this place is a dream come true opportunity situated in the Villa Escudero Resort, San Pablo City, Philippines.

Here the Villa follows the no-shoes policy as of course you won’t need any footwear while taking your meal and sitting in the middle of the waterfall.

The tables are made up of bamboo and set up a few inches away from the waterfall, but you can totally feel the coming flows of water on your feet. The cook stations and all the tables are set up with the shades so you won’t feel any tough sunlight and you can go and lean in that water after finishing up your meals.

#1 Huvafen Fushi, North Malé, Maldives

Huvafen Fushi, a private island is the best one among all these unique restaurants that look incredible romantic after the sun goes down and it sparkles. The pool here is famous for experiencing dining at night plus one can feel that sand on feet all the time while enjoying your time at this Five-star resort in Maldives. This place is surely going to fulfill all your wishes that you ever wanted while staying at any place like Huvafen Fushi.


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Written by Sony

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