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Five Most Beautiful Houses in the World

top 10 most beautiful houses in the world

Wonders are not just at exotic places or the travel destinations, but, there are houses in the world that also feature that same senses and sight. There are castles, houses, villas as a beautiful example of the beauty of the residence.

These places also welcome tourist around the globe to have a look at the extraordinary beauty here. These constructions are specials because they feature special architecture and things that usual buildings don’t own.

So here are the five mesmerizing houses that are beyond your imagination for the beautiful homes-

#5 The Dracula’s Castle, Bran, Romania

This amazing residence is located in Romania that doesn’t look less than any fairy tale. Because of the fantasy construction, this one comes among the beautiful houses in the world. This house also adds up some tales and one of them is its name. According to the tale, Dracula used to reside here, and that’s the reason for this epic name. It is now a museum since 1980 that features 17 bedrooms and 57 rooms.

#4 The Manor, California, USA

This country house is located in Los Angeles, California that is also popular as Spelling Manor. It is known to be the biggest residence in Los Angeles that features a countryside view with a lot of greenery all around. The mansion was prepared in the year 1991 that shows up a French Chateau Style and spread over 4.6 hectares.

#3 Villa Leopolda, Villefranche-sur-Mer, France

This beautiful and villa is very well-known for being a holiday home that millions of tourists visit throughout the year. In the France, it is known to be the most expensive villa that features a 27 story Mansion. As per the history, French King Leopold was involved mainly in this giant’s construction.

#2 Hala Ranch, Colorado, United States

It comes second whenever there is a talk of the most beautiful houses because of its beautiful wood construction and its surroundings. This property was found in Aspen, Colorado that later improved into this amazing looking place. The house has a total value of $135 million where there are 90 sections of the land in total that includes 15 sumptuous extravagance rooms, wastewater medications, 16 lavatories, plants and mechanical shops.

#1 Fairfield Pond New York, USA

The house features a wonderful looking pond, but that’s only for beauty purposes and nothing else. The house is located in New York, USA and one of the biggest houses there. The total calculated value is $170 million that has 63 sections of the entire property. So, there is no doubt that it comes as the number one among the five most beautiful houses in the world.

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