First Five Videos On YouTube

I know hardly someone who does not use YouTube. That is right. YouTube is a video giant that has access in almost every home. We all browse YouTube today, but do you have any idea about the earliest of videos uploaded on this platform? Probably not. So here we are. Today we bring you information about five of the oldest videos on YouTube. Check them only on Wheebuzz.

5. ‘Carrie rides a truck’

Uploaded on – April 30, 2005

Uploaded by – Jones4carrie

Carrie rides a truck is one of the oldest videos on YouTube, that was uploaded on April 30, 2005 by the channel called Jones4Carrie. Since it was uploaded in early time of YouTube, you can not expect a high definition quality. Even if you see the video, you would note that the video has sound. But, what makes it special and unique is that is one of the first ever videos of a Video giant website which caters content to the whole planet.

4. “Premature Baldness”

Uploaded on – April 28, 2005

Uploaded by – Paul

“Premature Baldness” is the fourth oldest photo that has ever been uploaded on YouTube. It is one of the most different videos as well. It was uploaded by a man named Paul. This video is also special because this was the first ever video where editing was used. Isn’t it strange? Like, in beginning who knew about YouTube? Why would people go for editing before uploading a video on this site? But yeah like they say, the Truth is stranger than fiction. So is the story of fourth oldest video on YouTube.

3. Tribute

Uploaded on – April 24, 2005

Uploaded by – gp

Such a short video which probably reflects nothing at all. “Tribute” became the third oldest video which was uploaded on the website just after the next day when YouTube was born. The video was uploaded by ‘gp’, a user who does not have any activity post this video. The video opens between two walls where a man is jumping up between the Walls and screaming. And then the person who had shooters the video said “very nice”. Other than that we do not know much about the third oldest video on YouTube, as it lacks description as well.

2. My snowboarding Skillz

Uploaded on – April 23, 2005

Uploaded by – mw

If you were active on those days then you would probably know that those days we used to write ‘z’ instead of ‘s’. This is one of the that example here. Anyway, this video is the second oldest video that was uploaded on YouTube. Uploaded by a user named ‘mw’, the video came out after few moments of the first ever YouTube channel. Not surprising, this uploader has not uploaded any other video on the site.

1. Me at the Zoo

Uploaded on – April 23, 2005

Uploaded by – Jawed Karim

Finally the first video on YouTube was uploaded by its co-founder Jawed Karim and is one of the major popular normal videos on the site. The video was of San Diego when Jawed Karim thought to make a video showing some elephants. Well, the first video has got more than 64+ million views.


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