Find Out What Your Sleeping Position Says About Your Relationship

Did you know that every activity of yours may be somehow linked to a reflection of your personality and character? Well the same goes for relationships and simple activities like sleeping can speak a lot about how you and your spouse may be getting along.

As incredible as it seems, your sleeping styles indicate several factors of your relationship including family harmony. Sleep patterns between a couple and a family have valid psychological explanations.

WheeBuzz brings you an interesting article to show you what sleeping positions mean in a relationship

The Tangle positions

For those very much in love and desirous of close intimacy preferring to sleep in extremely close proximity to each other, the Tangle is a common post coital position which also reflects the satisfaction and satiated desire of making love to your partner. When legs and arms are entwined around each other it signifies desire for ones partner and compatibility.

Sleeping On the Edge positions

According to sexual expert Tracy Cox, this is a reflection of the distance between couples and could well be defined as a pre divorce situation. Plenty of space created between coupes during sleep also reflects the same emotional distance between the two during the day. Sleeping away from your partner indicates an inclination to keep away although sometimes it can also mean the weather may just be too hot for you both to cuddle.

However this is in terms of a broader perspective where the general desire of sleeping at a distance is defined so it does mean you both aren’t getting along that well.

Back To Back While Touching positions

When speaking of what sleeping positions mean, there are also ideal positions like this one which reflects the cordial understanding between both partners. It means that you both respect each other’s wishes for space but yet love the intimacy of knowing the other is close by.

Back to Back but separated positions

Most likely displayed in long term relationships where the initial honey moon period is over and both are well established in facing life together with the trust of knowing that both are firmly entrenched in the relationship and is here to stay. This means you both are independent but very much together. Common among older couples.

The Spoon (woman on the inside)

A common position that reflects a man’s masculinity and the desire of being protective of his partner. If you sleep like this with your wife, it’s a good thing though to cuddle your partner before sleeping to show how much you care. Although it does make a woman feel safe and snug, it would be advisable to let go at times and allow her some space for her own comfort.

The Spoon (man on the inside) positions

This is just a role reversal and indicates a strong independent woman who also feels protective of her spouse. This is typical of relationships of equal standing or where the woman possesses a strong and motherly character.

Shingles positions

When you’re lying on your back and your partner is on her side cuddling you could well reflect how much your spouse depends on you for emotional support and stability. Typical of healthy relationships where again the man is the protective masculine model.

On The Back (touching) positions

This type of sleeping position indicates an understanding and a mutual respect for each other’s space while still displaying string awareness of each other. This too is the sign of a good relationship based on mutual understanding.

The Hot Mess positions

And a mess is exactly what it reflects and an indication of a conflict in progress. This could also possibly indicate selfishness and domination reflected in the partner sprawled all over the bed oblivious of the confined sleeping space of the other partner. The other partner curled up in one area also signifies the longing for intimacy that isn’t really there.

The Separate Spoon positions

The separate spoon is a good sleeping position where both partners are responsive towards the others space and comfort yet display the sense of intimacy to show the strength of the relationship.

Sleep while facing each other positions

Another sign of a very healthy relationship which signifies the presence of communication and dialogue. It means each partner is aware of the others existence and desires to share in that existence too.

The Family all in one positions

While this isn’t exactly comfortable, it’s a clear indication of what sleeping positions mean as a family. It reflects the desire of the entire family to be united as one. It reflects the comfort level of the family and how well they blend together where it shows the strength of the relationship between partners to desire a family.


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