Finally List Out – 7 Most Awaited And Promising Upcoming Movies Of 2019

We know it is super exciting to know some of the most awaited movies and you guys must  not be willing to read much about anything else. 2018 is packed with the advent of movies but the list of next year 2019 is even more fascinating and killing. Coming up with some of the most awaited movies, 2019 is going to be a full-fledged entertainment dose for the movie lovers. So without keeping you awaited for any longer, let me tell you seven of the most awaited and must watch upcoming movies of 2019, here on WheeBuzz.

Wonder woman 2

Well, the first part was surely a major hit and was tremendously loved not only among the fantasy and science fiction lovers but also the ones who love other genres more. Now Wonder Woman 2 is all set you put you in thrill with even more amazing story, character and arguably the direction of the movie. The problem only is you will have to wait for 2019.

John Wick Chapter 3

According to a survey most people love watching crime and thriller movies and for those people movies like John Wick have always been a hot and fresh stuff. Next year, John Wick film franchise is going to release the third part of the movie. Well, needless to say it is a must watch one.

Captain Marvel

Ok so this one is a bit popular lately as people smelled casting of a ‘Game of thrones’ actor in the movie. Well, we do not know if it is so, but surely the movie is a big one of the year and on top of that who would afford to miss Brie Larson and Jude Law.

The Lion King

Ah! One of my all time favourites film franchises. And who isn’t waiting for the movie, right? The Lion King is an action and adventure movie and has always been remembered because of Simba. If one such movie never to be missed at any cost, it would be this.

Spiderman: Far from Home

A yet another Marvel movie which always takes away the hearts of superhero fans. The film is said to be one of the most awaited movies as well. Spiderman from comics to movies has travelled a magical track, isn’t it?

Avengers 4

I do not know any superhero films lover who hasn’t watched Avengers. It is certainly at the milestone and benchmark of superheroism. Avengers 4 is coming in 2019 and we all know it will not only be one of the most expensive movies of the year but also one of the megahits as well.

Toy Story 4

Another sequel of one of the most loved animated comedy films, Toy story 4 is coming next year in 2019. With the kind of its previous performances because of stories and animation, and a really wonderful star cast including Tom Hanks, Tim Allen, Patricia Harris etc this time also viewers are going to get crazy about the movie.



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