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Fifty Shades Freed: Another Erotic Installment

So Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy just came back with its final installment, and the buzz about it signifies that the British author E L James is kinda formidable when it comes to erotica.

Do you know everything about Fifty Shades Freed? If not, here WheeBuzz listing essential things you need to know about it:

It’s coming to the big screen

Yeah, you probably expected it considering its predecessors made it to Hollywood but what you, perhaps, didn’t know is that many book sequels just like movie sequels fail to keep up the pace they started out with—especially three times in a row. If you remember we never really got Eragon 2 in film, we just had to be content with the book. It is good news, therefore, that we will get to visually fantasize with the new installment in Christian and Ana’s story. And this is happening much sooner than you think; February 9th, 2018 is the release date for theaters.

It’s not all black and white; it’s grey sometimes.

After Fifty Shades Darker, we know that Ana and Christian are going to tie the knot. Yeah, they got married, and as we all know marriage is not all rosy. The fun and games are over (not really though) but once you settle down, things you previously didn’t know or made yourself blind to about your other half start to come up. You realize they are not the sweet pies you made them be, but love conquers all, right? Anyhow, is it just now that Anastasia realizes just how sick controlling her husband can really be? Beats me, but Fifty Shades Freed is all about her dealing with the ups and downs of marriage and that in the end, they both find that common ground.

Meet Teen Wolf’s Hunk

If you loved Teen Wolf, you loved the super gorgeous, super serious and super kind wolf hunk played by the actor Tyler Hoechlin (also featured a little in Super Girl if you remember). Now Tyler is simply one of my faves besides Eddie Redmayne of course, so you should expect some serious acting. Tyler will be playing, Ana’s former classmate.

Rita Ora as Mia

Who noticed Rita Ora in Fifty Shades of Grey? Apparently, she played Mia, Christian’s sister. Well I didn’t see her the first time and neither the second time I re-watched the film, but after stumbling upon it online, I realized she was there—in an infinitesimal part. Well, let’s hope Mia is no longer lurking on the sidelines now.

The cast

Anastasia Steele and Christian Grey are reprised by Dakota and Donahan respectively, Tyler Hoechlin and Rita Ora who isn’t exactly new but seems to be, I mentioned. Bella Heathcote will be playing an ex-submissive of Christian’s. Mrs Robinson or Elena Lincoln—the sick mommy who introduced Christian to his current more than a strange lifestyle—will be played by Kim Basinger. Robinne Lee will play vice president of Grey Enterprises.


What do you think?

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