If You Are Female Traveller, Never Go These Countries

Travelling is one of the major interests of people. We all love packing up bags and go visit and explore a place. But what if you are warned not to go to a certain country due to several serious problems? Yes it is insane, but it’s true. There are several countries which are considered super unsafe for women living and going over there.

Based on the surveys, reports and other relevant factors, WheeBuzz brings you the list of the most unsafe counties for women.


Egypt is considered as an all time state of Continuous rebel and terrorist attacks. The country has also been failed to control rapes and kidnapping as well. And guess what!?! The government of Egypt is advising women to not talk or laugh loud in public and to take care of what kind of cloths they are wearing. All these factors turn Egypt one of the most unsafe counties for women.


Somalia is another African country which is infamous for sexual harassment of women at the age of 4-11. The country also faces child abuse, rapes and other devil things. According to a report, 95 percent of the women in Somalia have faced child abuse or sexual harassment.


Afghanistan is a country situated in Asia. It has always been deemed as a war zone state. Afghanistan is a horrible place as 88 percent of women here are illiterate and they can not do or go anywhere without the permission of their husbands.

This place has actually no rights to women and is infamous for domestic abuses. The female death rate in Afghanistan is worse than any place on the planet.


Columbia is known for giving some of the popular singers. It is renowned for its unique music. But Columbia is also one of the most dangerous places for women. A report shows that Columbia is the country where highest number of gender biased cases registered. Some organisations are trying to make it a better place.

Saudi Arabia

Have you heard the news that a women in Saudi Arabia drove a car once. Yes, that was a news. This is how the condition of Women in South Arabia is. The country is quite infamous for not having any equal right for women and having a number of restrictions on them. Numerous cases have been registered that female travellers coming to this country for haj are often killed.


Brazil is considered as a developing country and is one of the prominent country as per geopolitics. But Brazil is a big unsafe state for women. There is no such right for women that they can abort an unwanted pregnancy. It is banned in the country, and one who get caught is punished with 3 years sentence. Also, the females of the country face molestation, making Brazil a really unsafe country for women.


A survey shows that Turkey is one of the most unsafe counties for women tourists due to number of factors including consistent terrorist attacks and coup efforts in the country. This is clearly an obvious reasons what makes it a terrible place for women. These all have made Turkey a place of unsettled environment for visitors and tourists.


Another infamous country which has huge exploitation of women. Venezuela is an South American country that has been among the most unsafe counties for women. The violent crime and Political stability makes the condition even worse. There have been instances that Professional women went to prostitution just for food and shelter.


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Written by Jay Rajput

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