Fastest Men In The World In 100 Metre-dash

Have you ever wondered who is the fastest man on the planet, or who are in the group of fastest men of all time? I am sure this is going to be an astonishing and unprecedent topic for many. Today, we have come up with this article listing six of the fastest men on the planet when it comes to 100 m sprint. So, are you ready for the list? Here we go. Check the whole list only on Wheebuzz

6. Nesta Carter – 9.78 s

Nesta Carter is one of the fastest sprinters of all time setting a record of whopping 9.78 seconds in Rieti on August 29, 2010. He is a Jamaican sprinter who specialises in the 100 m race. This record made Nesta Carter sixth fastest sprinter of all time in the 100-metre dash.

5. Justin Gatlin – 9.74 s

One of the most prominent names in the world of sprinting Justin Gatlin holds the record of being the fifth fastest sprinter in the 100 metres. Justin Gatlin is a star sprinter from America. He is also remembered as the one who won the race in which the king of sprinting Usain Bolt participated for the last time ever. Justin Gatlin is the reigning 100 metres World Champion. He has a record of 9.74s in 2015 in Doha.

4. Asafa Powell – 9.72 s

To be honest, Asafa Powell is one of my personal favourite. He holds a magnificent record of 9.72, making him the fourth fastest sprinter of all time in 100 metre dash. He set this record on September 2, 2008 in Lausanne. If you see that race of Asafa, you will get goosebumps. This is one of the greatest records of this Jamaican sprinter.

2. Tyson Gay & Yohan Blake – 9.69 s

No, there is no one on third position, Tyson Gay, an American sprinter & Yohan Blake, a Jamaican sprinter are together on the second position holding the record in just 9.69 seconds. Tyson Gay set the record on the date September 20,2009 in Shanghai. That was a huge record. Again, in the year 2012 (exact date- August 23, 2012) in Lausanne. This record is really hard to break. Completing the 100 metre-dash in just 9.69 seconds together made them two of the fastest men on the planet. The record has been set once and for all. Only one person holds the record faster than them. Surely a Wow thing, right?

1. Usain Bolt

Usain Bolt, the king of sprinting, often dubbed as “the fastest men of all time” holds the record of completing the 100 m sprint in just 9.58 seconds. Can you just imagine someone racing this fast? This is really surprising and incredible. The Jamaican sprinter achieved this milestone in Berlin on August 16, 2009, making him the fastest person (both in males and females) on the planet. However, he is retired now but I wonder if there would be any Usain Bolt ever again in the coming decades or centuries.



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