Famous Books that were banned because of most ridiculous reasons in history!!

Books are considered as best friends of human beings, we can learn so many things from a book and not just that, there are various examples where a book changes someone’s life forever. We all know that books just not a set of pages with printed words; it’s a source of knowledge and wisdom. However, there are so many cases where books are banned in various cities or countries, some time for a good cause but some time for nonsense reasons. Here we are presenting all those books that were banned because of worst reasons which make no sense at all!

#1 The grapes of wrath

The book was written by John Steinbeck who also won the Nobel Prize in Literature in the year 1962. He was famous for his sympathetic humor and a great real based imagination. However, his book ‘the grapes of wrath’ was banned because the censors found it unsuitable for their beautiful world. In simple means, the book was containing too much vulgarity which was hard to handle for a reader.

#2 Where’s Waldo?

Martin Handford was one of the famous children books writers in the UK.  His writing gained fame after his book where’s sally series. The reason behind banning his where’s Waldo book was because he mentioned ‘Sideboob’. Sounds pretty weird because this book is interesting on such level where you can’t find anything else, however, some reader found this ‘side boob’ thing which put a ban on this book.

#3 Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret

Well, the reason behind banning this book was really ridiculous. According to people, the book was sexually offensive and immoral for the readers. However, if we talk about the REAL reason, this books was written by Judy Blume, who mentioned Girl’s Periods which makes the people slightly uncomfortable to read.  The irony is people feel fine to see tampons ad on TV but they can’t tolerate this thing in a book.

#4 The Diary of Anne Frank

Yes, this book was too banned for a ridiculous reason; However Anne Frank shared her life story which broke too many hearts. The story was based on Jewish girl and her life during World War II. She wrote everything she felt, the injustices and horrific scenes where she lost her family and her life as well. But this book got banned because according to censorship the book contains too much negativity and depressing thoughts which is not good for a people.

#5 Harriet the Spy

The book was written by Louise Fitzhugh who is American writer and basically famous for Harriet the spy series.  However, her book was listed as ‘banned book’ because it shows a girl who is not perfect or honest or says true things instead of that she lies and curses. Not just that, the reason behind banning was that the book can influence children to do bad things. Basically, the book was based on an 11 years old kid who is a spy. But of course, people took the spy thing in a wrong direction.

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