Faces Who Went Viral Out of Memes, Look Into Their Present Life

Do you love memes? Oops wrong question. I am sure you do. So there are a number of stories in the world about the people who got suddenly famous. And actually the credit goes to memes. Today’s articles is dedicated to those people who made all of us laugh unintentionally with there presence on memes.

WheeBuzz has come up with the people who should not be called people at all because now they are celebrity. We present you these people and the story behind how they go superbly popular with memes.

Success boy

The success boy is probably a home boy for every family today. The boy became internet meme sensation after getting much light from the year 2007. Ever since then, he has been there at a number of memes. The real name of the boy is ‘Sammy Griner’ who is now going to be a teenager. It all started in 2007 when his mother Laney Griner uploaded his photo on Flickr. He has also been described as “arguable the most popular internet baby”. Today, this facial expression and the the ‘yes-like hand’ is a familiar thing internationally.

Yao Ming

Okay, if you use social media, there is not a single chance you have not come across with a meme containing this face. Yao Ming is a retired Chinese basketball player, most people do not know this. He is probably more popular for his meme sensation face, which is used for funny posts. Isn’t it surprising that one day you make (unintentionally) make a kind of face and that pays you for rest of life that you do not have to do anything really?

Kyle Craven

This guy is known as “Bad luck Brian”. Yes that is what is the internet had nicknamed him. The guy seemingly to be seen everywhere or the ubiquitous photo, posted in 2012 Reddit has changed his life forever, making him an internet celebrity. This was followed by memes and reluctantly became even more popular.

Griffin Kiristy

Seems like a familiar face right? He became a popular face of a “college freshman”. He was actually the model in the photo and he even wrote on his personal blog about the experience. Anyway, he is one of the rare people in the world that people know by face and not by name.


Finally the last but certainly not the least. Our very own meme guy and our very own favourite as well, right? Lol. To my greatest surprise, Drake is famous in some countries for this meme only and they do not have any clue who the guy really is. Funny isn’t it? Drake became incredibly popular with his song ‘Hotline Bling’ and the became global meme sensation with the same.



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