Exciting Things That Happen To You In Space

Everybody has a dream of visiting space and being exposed to the dashing glare of the celestial bodies. Despite the numerous theories related to outer space, such as the “black hole” and likelihood of being stuck in one, people still get fascinated and yearn to visit, rather get a glimpse of space. The discrepancies in these theories do not add up to the real events that take place in space.  However, people tend to wonder what are the likely outcomes bound to take place when a person visits to space. Below are some things that will give insight on what really.

Here WheeBuzz listing Exciting Things That Happen To You In Space, so amazing.

1. Gaining a few inches in height


Due to the lack of gravitational forces, unlike Earth, the body especially the spinal chord stretches leading to an increase in height. This has been scientifically proven that astronauts tend to return a little bit taller. For people who feel they need a boost to their physical appearance then they need to pack up and prepare for a space voyage.

2. Weakening of muscles

While in space, the lack of gravity poses a grave danger to one’s muscles as a result of the long travel to space. This is a condition referred to as atrophy, and it is recommended that astronauts train and keep fit at all times when in space. For the curious minds, fitness is of the essence.

3. Effect of gravity on body fluids

Space has a significant alteration to the way body fluids circulate within the body. For instance, blood tends to flow reversely to the brain which makes one have a funny round-shaped head when they get back to earth. If you tend to identify someone with a similarly shaped head chances are he/she might have been into space.

4. Psychological issues

Movies, especially those inclined to space activities, often portray a character that loses his/her mind while in space. This theoretical happening is bound to be a factual thing. NASA in conjunction with “Roscosmos” of the Russian Space Agency have done intensive research on astronauts to determine the impact if confinement to the mind when in space.

5. Health-related issues due to radiation exposure

Uncontrolled radiation poses a threat to the well-being of an astronaut, and frequent exposure may result in health problems with its effects being irreversible. However, scientists are working towards minimizing this form of exposure in the coming days to safeguard the health of their astronauts and make space exploration a safe venture.

6. Apparently, Nails can fall

Several astronauts in space have experienced a sudden loss of their beloved nails. This is due to exposure to gravity. However, this has been cubbed by the design of latest space walking cloves.

7. Developing a Perfect Sense of Humor

Going into outer space is one of the most challenging experiences that one can go through. Therefore the willingness of a person to go to space shows how brave they are. The hard conditions have always helped astronauts in the development of humor. This humor helps in attaining problem-solving skills.


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