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Entertain Yourself by Knowing These Top 6 Most Handsome Thai Actors

Industries that are big and well-known to the world like the Hollywood in the United States but they are an industry that is doing remarkably awesome regarding their movies. Apart from doing remarkably great with their movies, they are also noted to have very fine and handsome actors in the industry that gets their female fans to love any movies they are featured in. Below are the top 6 most handsome actors you can find in Thailand’s movie industry from the number 6 down to the number 1.


Kanarot is noted to be a very great deal as far as entertainment is concerned in Thai because not only is he an actor but he is also a model as well as a singer. He is known in the Thai movie industry as one of the most handsome actors you can ever talk of this that country and finds him in the 6th position in the 2017 ranking. He has some hit movies which is very interesting, and one of them that stands out is the “Teacher’s Diary” where he played a key role that made a lot of miracles to come to pass in that movie. Aside from merging himself in the entertaining business, Kanarot is also known to be a very prominent merchant who deals in products for fitness and health, and when it comes to his real life, he is very passionate about the woman he really loves and care about, therefore he is known as a person who can go any length to ensure that the love of his life is happy in life.


Suparat is another handsome and skilled actor in the Thai movie industry who participates in sporting activities, particularly in athletes and loves want he does. He is a very young actor who has a lot of skills in the acting field and has a lot to contribute to the Thai entertainment industry. Aside from acting, Suparat loves to play the piano which really makes him a lover of music.


On the number 4 position comes the most handsome and talented Chantavit Dhanasevit. This Thai actor has a unique talent in acting and the commitment he has towards entertaining the people of Thai especially the ladies. Most ladies in the country love to watch him on screen due to the unique nature of his acting abilities. He is 33 years of age and popularly known in the country for his hit movie which is known as “Hello Stranger.” Aside from acting he is also known to be a scriptwriter who has done some compelling and interesting scripts.


Jirayu is a very popular actor in the Thai movie industry who is known for his role in most the well-known dramas in the country which include “Kaew Tah Pee” and among some other dramas that he played a key role in all of them. His unique acting skills attract the females to watch his movies which resulted in most of his movies becoming a hit. He is a guy who loves acting and does it with great passion.


The number 2 on the list is none other than the handsome Nichkhun who was born in the United States, precisely in California but resides and works as an actor in Thai. He is known to be a talented actor coupled with great singing ability. He is popularly known for his hit scene that is called “Seven Something” and the females love to watch him on screen because he is a very interesting actor.


The first on the list of the 6 most handsome actors in Thailand is the famous Mario Maurer who rose to fame with the spectacular role he played in the movie known as “First Love” and then came other fantastic scenes that made him be well-known in the country. He is indeed a very handsome actor and most ladies find his acting very charming and interesting.


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