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Embarrassing Photos Accidentally Send To Wrong Person

Most embarrassing photos, if sent to a wrong person, becomes even more embarrassing. The situation gets worse because you can not do anything about the thing. We have today come up with a list of several photos accidentally sent to wrong person and embarrassment follows. Here is the article, check it out only on WheeBuzz

Nudes to the boss

Oh gosh!! Just imagine! What if you accidentally send nudes to the boss. Can not say about boss but you are completely gone! A case like this happened once. A woman was taking some photos z personal photos, which were meant to send to her boyfriend. But, to the woman’s greatest surprise, she sent the photo accidentally to her boss. Later, the boss gently reply with a handwritten note..Nudes to the boss

Hi, you probably did not mean to send this to me, but please be more careful. I am your boss.

Wrong sext

If you see in the above pic, there is a lady who sent her photos with little clothes accidentally to a wrong number. The recipient, before coming clean asked one more Photo to the girl that also she sent. However later, the recipient admitted and said about wrong number thing.

No! You have the wrong number!

This is amusing and amazing story. The Conversation it you see is very funny. The poor girl had no idea that the booty pic she is sending to is a wrong number. But, here comes the amusing part. When the recipient replied that it is a wrong number, the girl got sort of defensive and said that the recipient got the wrong number. Out of utmost surprise, the recipient said you send the booty pic, then the girl apologized. She probably could not digest that her booty pic is seen by someone unknown.

Boobs to Dad

What more guilty and embarrassing would be then this. This time the photo was sent to the right person but somehow the condition became wrong in a way. Here in the photo girl tries to woo his boyfriend and talked about the photograph that she had promised. But what she received as the reply was actually insane. She received “I am dad, your boyfriend forgot his phone here”.

Nude and nude in reply

What if you send your nude photo to some wrong number and the person reply with a nude? Insane to hear, right? But that is what exactly happened here. Here is a guy sent his nude photo accidentally to a wrong number but the recipient, instead of telling about the wrong number, replies by sending nude. It is like sending nudes is a convention to a nude photo.

The ready position

This case is really amusing. A lady sent this photo to someone and seems like the pic was intended to send to her partner. But, to the girl’s wildest of dreams, the pic was sent to some wrong number. Oh my god moment was it. In the pic, the sender seems to be really embarrassed and guilty about the incident. She keeps apologizing that she did not even let sender reply. Well, happens right? Source- Therichest



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